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truly no one knows what's behind that door... possibly the americ anfootball ep 2 cover. anyways ur genius lol

thank u!! ive actually been trying to learn to create in this style and games like this intrique me a ton :)

Darn, my paypal is broken so i can't purchase this :( Guess ill go back to the demo! Also had to come back over a year later too see if this game was still available haha <3

Would love to use my own music! Either way super cool!

WOWW!! would love to see or learn how you create so many beautiful games in this style @_@

love it! can't wait to play more by you!!

love the art style sm!!!

my. legs. don't. work.

I fell off the map lol. Loved the artwork tho! The Jittering and Texture warping too! nailed the aesthetic 100%!

can't move lol.