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Your edit really helped me out. Thanks!

Hey thanks!

Those goggles are really fun.

Thanks! I agree: the clouds really make the scene feel more full in general.

I both like this because old trains are neat, and also it reminds me of the paper trolleys I would get from The Old Spaghetti Factory when I was a kid. Your smoke is on point.

Belthasar would be proud. Great render of the Epoch, and an excellent use of texture warping!

Is there such a thing as a perfect model? I'm not sure. But this: I like this.

The implied interior created by your rocks and stalactites is very good. Also: I like your character design.

This airship is DOPE. The flags were a really nice touch. This is a genuinely good model and you should be proud.

Great job on the texture work. It's very clear and well done.

Gah! Now I want to play Descent on LAN with my friends in the computer lab. Very well done!


This is really neat! I love the antennae.

And just like that: the bar was raised. Not by complex models, but by forcing the software to do something it is not meant to do.

A good model of a classic Bond vehicle. Well done, 007!

Your sketchy rainbow and shadow really make this scene. The moving squirrel earned you some technical points in my book, but ultimately I feel like it pulls my eye away from the focal point of what is just a cool and pleasant park scene.

Little does Speed know that Racer X is actually his brother in disguise!

I love your UFO. It's simple and effective. Everything is super clear. Additionally: I love how youre terrain reminds me of old 16-bit RPGs


Also came here to talk about AW vibes, but I see that's covered... Your tank is cute!

This is so fun and original! I love every detail in this scene.  The sun rays were a very nice touch.

When I first saw your model, my reaction (out loud) was: Clean! After looking at your model: I still hold to that. Great job!

Excellent job on that twist.

I'm making a note here: Huge Success.

Your model makes me giggle every time I see it. 😄👍

Welp, time to play Enter the Gungeon again.

I'm transported back in time to watching my college roommate play through Xenoblade. Also I second Roelosaurus' feedback. That would really make this scene shine. Great work!

Well executed, and ambitious. This is the kind of modeling that will never let you down.

You totally nailed some forced perspective with your boardwalk.

Secrets lie buried, hidden beneath the soil.

I like what you did with the downward facing triangles on your base. the boat is a nice touch.

You really nailed the atmosphere of a dark cave. It’s both simple and elegant.

Your waterfall is great, and your addition of the fish at the base adds life to this scene.

I also saw the face while I was working on it. It doesn’t appear to be evil though.

This looks really good! I want to camp here so bad


That whirlpool is so well done, and the ships really feel like they are battling and about to get sucked in.