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Hi! Quick question. I've seen on the pictures you've uploaded that there are more options fro creating outfits that I don't seem to have access too, such as the skirt options princess, slit, and high waist. There's also other belt options that I don't seem to have like a  ruffled belt. I am just wondering if there was an update that happened, or if I have to re-download the game.

Wait does this actually take 7 hours to play?

Oh gods, first off I’m so sorry. You ever done something and then look back on it the next day and go, “Wow, that was so dumb, and how did I even get there?” That was me today when I went through my emails and re-read my “review.” 

To explain, basically yesterday, my friend (the trans lady friend that I mentioned) and I got into a very heated and emotional conversation/rant about gender roles and society and what makes a gender etc. It was basically us going off about how gender was so personal and has to do with the brain, which is why she is a is a female in a male body and her brain is very female. “Excuse me, I am a girl who is going to take on the world.”  Her words, that I applauded because, yes she is. 

In short, I was emotional, she was emotional, and we played your game for a bit (separately because we never agree on choices.) We both got very nitpicky and I made the oh so wise decision of leaving my loooong comment. In all honesty, I think what made her uncomfortable and stop playing this game was that she was so vulnerable at the time. I was also in an emotional mindset and that definitely played into my comment.

The reason I am saying all of this is not to make up an excuse for my actions, but to give context into why I take back what I said. I went back and played through the same route again and I have absolutely no complaints, only praise. While the actions are not what I would do in that situation, that is what makes it interesting and engaging. In all honesty, I would have booked it from finding out about the creepy murders. I am not a brave soul, I would have ruuuuuuuunn. I am a Ravenclaw not a Gryffindor. 

Anyways, I do apologize and have actually learned a few things. The definition of an otome for one, and more importantly that I should not leave reviews or open my mouth and give opinions when I am in a emotionally heightnened state.

Much love and appreciation for the masterpiece you have here. I really can’t wait to play more. Hope you can forgive me for being a rude smooze. 

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Please  ignore this idiotic comment of mine.  The only reason I'm leaving it up  right now is so that my apology in the replies gets across. I literally no longer agree  with anything I say here except for that this is a very impressive and well-done game. So move along to the rest of the raving because that's what this game  deserves.

A very impressive game. Well-rounded characters and an interesting plot. I do have a criticism for this otome. It is undoubtedly obvious that the main character role is meant to be male.  The reactions and certain dialogue were very male. It  bothered me enough that it took me awhile to get through this. Next time do try and change that. It was more than a bit annoying to experience on the playthrough. Although I am used to LGBTQ+ otome pandering to those of a more masculine queer nature, I don't agree with it or like it. A true LGBTQ+ game should be truly neutral in its playthrough, have the gender choice matter in the reactions, or at least have influences of all natures, feminine, masculine and otherwise. Gender DOES matter in interacting with other people. The nuances and subtle changes are what make a gender. After talking to a friend who played the game and identifies as gender neutral, they confessed that they felt much the same and it made them uncomfortable enough to quit playing, as none of the options Eventually I changed my avatar name and pronouns to male just to feel somewhat comfortable with the actions. Just to be clear this is an incredible visual novel. I really do appreciate the hard work and genius that has gone into this. I happen to be an editor, so I am greatly attuned to the small details of anything I invest my time into. As it happens, since I have now observed the obvious skill that this has took to make, I feel that with focus and determination, this team can add the differences in gender interactions and add that much more to your storytelling. Therefore having higher standards and quality that can be applied to future projects.

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ME: *amped up to rebel*

Also me: Has no idea why I'm rebelling

: Doesn't know what the politics are 
: Literally hasn't read the summary or anything
: Just wants to rebel cause 'Feel it Still' by Portugal. The Man is a straight up vibe

My mind says Yes, my anxiety says no. 

So therefore, I shall wait to play this with a friend so we can freak out together about saving this boy.

Wait this isn't multiple choice... My heart says watch  someone else play this cause I am not cut out for that much frustration.

YOU RESPONDED *jerky celebratory gestures and dance moves*

I ended up with Emma and my gay self is here for it.

I must be on the easiest mode XD. I'm really enjoying myself though!!

Hearing about the aquarium hit hard. 

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I am laughing at the Niko path. I also listened to the whole song in the credits. So beautiful.

Beautifully done - if a bit  glitchy - yet I am so confused.


I really love this game!  It's individual and has  a great storyline. I hope you continue working on this. I'll await your update.

Oh  my god im so bad at this game but it's so fun