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It was a fun short game, you should try making a series of these exploring different character types and bundle them together.

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It's possible that the game could be windowed to meet a specific resolution then scale based on that. Then add a border that represents the game nicely that deals with the remainder of the blank space. These borders could also change depending on where they are. 

In terms of controls, you could probably find a decent template for on screen controls (make it scalable though as people may try to play it on a tablet. and having large thumb sticks is not fun, but having small thumb sticks on mobile isn't either)

So then you'd only really need to program it for specific aspect ratios, and that would make it easier since there's only a handful of those (16:10 - Tablet's like Samsun Galaxy Tab S7/+, 16:9 Most smartphones, 4:3 IPad's and 21:9 sony flagships but can also be used for other ultrawide smartphones) if you do want to focus on resolution, there's actually less than PC's. 4K (Sony Smartphones), QHD (Most flagships, most of samsungs add a few pixels, so rendering it at QHD and adding a border should be more than fine) 1080p (Most Mid-range, should be more than capable, even with the few that are slightly wider) and 720p (Low-end or older phones, though this might not be nessicary, as the hardware needed might not be in these phones)

Whilst I'd love to say that a single programmer could do this easily, it may need more time or people than just the proposed changes, as it would still need to be somewhat reprogrammed for a reduced instruction set, though if you are using a mainstream engine, it probablies already has the tools needed for these adjustments. It would then need to be repackaged for a different platform (Either for IPhones or as an APK). I'd probablies wait until all the chapters are out though, and most of any bugs there are squashed before you commit to it though, as it would be easier in the long term. That and managing 4 different versions of the game would be more of a pain.

Though, if you do end up doing it, let me know, as whilst I played it on steam I'd be happy to buy it on mobile.

Aaaand looking forward to the final chapter so please continue.

Thanks, I'll try it once I've researched it. 



I want to know who shot veeeeeeexx :'(


I was thinking what would I do if I were the MC for real, and I was thinking how I would decree Cursa as an independant planet if I was forced to take the role of king, but would be a bit hesitant in case it wasn't what the people of the planet actually wanted, but having alisa say what she said about getting the planet's independance would seal the deal.

So far, 3 hours in... it's a good story, and really enjoyable so far. I'm surprised it wasn't actually a demo, because it's so high quality. I'm like, I swear this was a demo, and then another chapter roles and I'm like, why hasn't it stopped. It's a full game, free, and it's of great quality.

I'm probablies on the vexx route, since he's the only character I flirted with (in the memories)

Very cute <3

I can't for the life of me figure out how to increase my foundation capacity...

Missing a platform respawn in act 1

A lovely softcore horror game. Very intuitive and easy to understand.

Really good.

It's nice. Short but sweet.