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Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

This is really cool! I love the purple aesthetic, looks very good! Sniper rifle felt a bit weak but the other weapons were great. Good job, Tim!

Hi guys! Need help with anything? We have a Discord server if you're interested!

A short but fun game, good job! I loved the music and art style, it suited the tone of the game very well. I liked how you would lose momentun when hitting a crate, it increased the stakes and made the game more intense. I would suggest potentially adding more ways for you to use the shooting mechanic, as in the game it is rarely needed. Great work, I really enjoyed this! :)

Nice game! I thought the 3D perspective looked really cool. Main complaints were that the controls felt a bit clunky, and sometimes it was hard to discern the floor tiles from the walls. Great job, this is a pretty cool game. Keep it up! :)

Nice game! I really enjoyed it. Gameplay is a lot of fun and quite tense, it's also fairly easy to understand. Visuals were excellent, I especially liked how the lights looked. To further enhance the mood, I would suggest adding background ambience and also making the room a lot darker. Great job, this is a really fun game! :)

This was very good! I really enjoyed the music and gameplay concept. Use of screenshake was very effective, made it quite enjoyable to play. My main complaints were the same as what PoisonNettle and Epiin said: that the movement was too sensitive and there were frequent frame drops. I also encountered an issue where the ball only bounces horizontally (so it doesn't come down for me to hit it.) Overall, this was a really cool game! Good work! :)

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This is a really cool game, nice job! Concept is very innovative. I found the gameplay to be quite confusing at first, but once you understand what's going on it becomes very enjoyable. Main issues with the game were that the UI looked a bit bland, and it's a bit difficult to determine which numbers display your health, defense, attack etc. But overall, great job! This game has a lot of potential, I'd definitely suggest continuing working on it. :)

Thanks for playing! I'll look into fixing the error. :)

That's a good point, hahahaha.

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for the suggestions! We'll keep this in mind for next time. :)

- Geta

This game is super fun! Shooting was very satisfying and the game was quite fast paced.

Only problems were that the characters movement was a little strange, and the camera movement was too fast.

Great work! :)

This is very cool, loved the concept! The simplistic art style was really good thanks to the colours used. Good work!

This is a fantastic game! Very challenging and fun concept! Art was simplistic but effective. Good work! :)


You can join a team if you want to, it's up to you. :)

We have a Crowdforge page set up for making or joining teams, if you're interested:

You could also join up with someone in our Discord server:


There is no specific platform that you need to make the game for, however we would strongly recommend making a game for Windows or Mac.

We hope this helps! :)

Hi KaitlynB!

The jam page should say it starts at whatever time zone you are currently in. For us, the jam is scheduled to start tomorrow at 11am AEST.

Hope this helps. :)

Hi Anthony!

This game jam is done entirely online, therefore implying that there is no specific location of where it takes place. You can make your games from home and submit them via the jam page.

Hope this helps! :)


Nice job! The car feels quite realistic and fun to move. The objective of getting out of the maze is pretty interesting, too. This game would heavily benefit from some more polish!

Good work! :)

Ah I see now! Thanks for the info. I may try it again another time!

Wow! This is an amazing entry! The idea is incredibly unique and original. The models and lighting were also really great. Only problem was that sometimes, about halfway through levels, all my connections would randomly cut off despite me not being near the black clouds.

Fantastic job! :)

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :)


Yes! Storyline and scripts don't count as assets and are allowed to be made beforehand. :)

I like the concept and the artwork! I also like the story that was built into these mechanics. The music also suited the tone of the game! Great work! :)

This looks like a really interesting game, however I couldn't figure out how to get it to open. :\

The concept sounds interesting and the art is pretty cool! I rated your game on those two categories. Next time, make sure you are uploading a build and not your project folder. :)

This is really good! My favorite part of the game would definitely be the models, they were done really well! The concept was also quite innovative! Good work! :)

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This is a phenomenal game! It's super innovative and is very challenging! I spent lots of time trying to get through the third level, however it was still a lot of fun! The art and music is also really great! Good work! :)

This is absolutely fantastic! I loved this game! The sound design is brilliant and the concept is very unique and innovative. I'd love to see more of this game! You should keep working on it.

Awesome work guys! :)

This is a really great game! Quite innovative, and the art was quite well done. The sound of the baby's crying is irritating (in a good way!)

Great work! :)

This seems to be a cool game with great visuals and atmosphere, however just like mnsingh, I had a lot of trouble understanding what to do. I really liked a lot of the graphical effects, like how the walls would float in and out kind of like a curtain. This game has lots of potential and can do really well if things were clearer to the player. Good work! :)

Hahaha this game is hilarious! The idea is really unique and creative! I also like the art and sound effects. Great work! :)

This is a really cool game! The concept was really unique and the objective was quite clear. The controls were also very simplistic and responsive. The models were also really neat!

I loved the 'Geta' posters on the walls haha

Great work! :)

Neat game! The story was very creative and I liked the concept. The camera and the visuals could have been better, and some audio would be really nice. Good work! :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Nice game!