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Interesting approach for the theme. A little bit shorter than I expect. That folder in the desktop 10/10

I died many times and to be honest that dialogues need a skip button. I really like the anime art style and the game really fits the theme.
I'm wondering what will bring the update.

Thank you JazeGames!!! That means alot for me I'm glad that you like the game. For some reason I like to make cute art.

The art it's pretty nice. The art looks like the Blackthornprod's art and the particle effects too, I guess because you learned from him. I really missed the sound effects in the game.

I want to ask Which tutorial did you follow to make the enemies shoot like shotguns? Or Wich tutorial did you follow to make the shoot system?
I really enjoyed the game even if it was short but it was fun.

As a platformer it's very simple It could be better. Maybe this isn't your case but always try your levels. The graphics are pretty cute and I missed the sound effects like walk or enemy sounds. (I know there's some effects but at least for me they weren't enough)
I finished it and I have to say the level design was a little bit bad.

This really fit well the theme. That camera is a little bit annoying. If this is your first 3d game it's better than others that I played. Well done.

This really fit well the theme. That camera is a little bit annoying. If this is your first 3d game it's better than others that I played. Well done.

Thanks I put my heart in the game and I forgot the time...

Thanks! I always love learn new things so you got a new follower!

Interesting approach to the theme. I'm most for action and immersive games but this game wasn't what I expected. I like that you can take decisions. Some text-based games get me bored at the firts 15 minutes and just leave them. This wasn't. The reason is because the interactivity of the decitions make the game interestring and not annoying at all.

(Sorry for comment until now)

At some point I skip the history and I just spend my money in the games. Oh my lord.

Less dialogue more gameplay. In general every minigame was challenging and are pretty well done

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Thank you! This feedback it's great

About the dialogues. Yes they have a bug and it's because the game was made in a inestable version of Unity (Because in the editor works fine) and it's the main reason to fit the theme. So good bye theme points...
About the backgrounds to be honest I just wanted to make vertical levels and I didn't have many time so I make a flat background.
The arrows are lying. You know the game is a liar.
I take out the double jump becasue a want to make the player able to choose levels. But the time kills this too.
and I really sorry about the end! The time! Just 2 secods was left! Sorry!

(edited: I forgot to tell you that I enjoyed your game °<°)

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Hi I finished the game so here are my thoughts.

  • I really like the character custumisation but I didn't find some utility in the game.
  • The cartoon art style it's pretty well done.
  • When I was Playing the game I got some feel of playing Hollow Knight maybe your Inspiration I guess
  • The game design it's very good and I didn't stuck many times.
  • (I read your comment later) I was wondering how do you manage the move platform because I get a bug in my game with that.
  • When I was playing. The music tired me for too may repetitions. Also you have point with the sound.
  • In some stages I found some tricky ways to finish them easily because the power ups (Specially the dobble jump) complicate the level design and sometimes the designer forget wich abilitys has the player.
  • About the movement, I was expecting some low gravity jump when the player gets the max height of his jump and the fall fast (Like Hollow Knight) instead I feel the player heavy and that annoying me a bit.
  • Adding the bots that patrol and shoot gives the game a fresh air and make it more fun.
  • In my game I measure if the camera would be able to render the next platform or the right path for the player. I think you could copy the look ahead of hollow knight.


  • In the end I really enjoyed playing the game. I finished it after all and those heroes didn't leave a single one alien to destroy and all my training was a lie...

Thanks! I really appreciate your comment!
There's a bug with the dialogue boxes because in the editor works pretty well, and with the moving platforms I forgot to add a line of code. My bad. Gotta fix fast.

When I play this game I felt that I'm playing minecraft the music it's so relaxing. The main problem maybe it's the repetitive the game can be. 
In any case I love the art and music. And I get trolled like 4 times with the credits. Nice game!

Sorry about that It was a weird bug with Unity webgl :/

I like the style and the speed of player. The explotion that help you to jump sometimes when you press many times J the explotion pulls you down. And I couldn't beat the boss. So far I like the mechanics and the fast gameplay.

Thanks <3

Just one more time... I said

0w0 I answer Yes. I'm a barber

I really appreciate your feedback and comments! Watermelon cat is explosive but you guys rock. ;D

Soy muy fan de este juego y sus referencias. Es un concepto simple pero entretenido. 

Muy interesante tu juego, al principio no entendí como jugar, en cierto punto el juego te hace estar alerta de los cubos grises, no sé como ganaba dinero si algunas veces los cubos rojos se llevaban a los grises lejos de la orilla pero logré superar la fase y se congelo el juego

Nice Game August! ⊙ω⊙ Its original and fun.

The art style its superb but there is no challenge I feel like I just press buttons with no sense. The most part of the game I was waiting for the customers. Sadly It looks great but nothing else.

I need more jammy. I like the art style.

Maybe it's just me but some strange white lines appear in the screen, I feel like movement it's slow and rough. I don't know if this should happen but when I kill the enemies randomly spawns jammy's jam. (some in game tutorial would be great too)
Anyway it just need to be polish.

Well the game mechanics are original and I don't know if that should happen but I just spam the "D" key to win. 
I'm so dummy that I didn't realise why I was losing after see the particles falling down maybe they should be more striking.

This game it's pretty awesome, the sound effects and physics are excellent, I used to make games in Gml2 and I have no idea how you make the high score system.

This game is challenging and I love ramen.

Thank you! ●ω●

Well the flip upgrade get some the elements and invert the direction so what's going on there is just some cubes change the direction before they are destroyed. Let's fix it fast! :)

Thank you for playing the game and very nice suggestion. to be honest the audio was the last thing I code ;D

I know it can be a little bit confusing but that's the thing the game is challenging and the difference between the orange and the pink is the orange can dash at any position randomly. anyway really thank you for playing the game!

( ◕‿◕) Thank you! Really 


I really like the font and the colors what you chose, It's simple but fun to play. (Which font do you use or did you make it?). Nice game.

Thank you papercookies. Sure I'm going to fix that bug (っ◕‿◕)っ

I like the music too. Something funny I comment one line of code and that line was for the checkpoint but now Is fixed. My bad.

thank you! Nice tip and thanks for play the game and leave a constructive comment. It means a lot for us. :D


Same :(