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Thats adorable
Really like the fresh idea
Whats your best score btw?

Oh yeah that sounds pretty ambitious for 48h
But the idea sounds really cool, I hope you have time to put it into the game

That would be great
I love these tiny pixel games made with pico 8
What was the idea behind the game?

No problem, it was a good game ^^
That stalling stuff is interesting though, only found this out near the end of my session lol

Wow that game is really good ^^

I actually couldnt figure out what to do
All I could do was killing that blue dude and destroying all breakable rocks
Maybe you should provide some hints on how the game works (best practice is to include that directly into the game since people tend to not read the game page).
Some instructions on how to start the game might be good too. Had to search for a while to find the final_igor.exe (hope it was the right one lol)
Btw why is there no music in the game if a sound file is included in the file structure?

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Thats a fun and surprisingly challenging game with a cool gameplay idea.
I really liked the art, the things coming down the lane had an increasing level of obscurity.
Some points:

  • why is there no music during the game?
  • sound effects could add a lot to this game imo
  • I think the cornflakes pack is a bit skewed. Not a big deal but order is half the battle lol
  • there is no one knocking in the end of a round from round 2 onwards
  • you can stall the game by just quickly putting stuff back to the top of the lane. is that intended?

Anyway, cool game folks!

Oh well, looks like these people didnt get the idea of social distancing at all ... -_-
Adorable graphics and banging chiptune sound, but the the screen is too crowded imo, also I didnt actually see that my actions had consequences. Maybe including some graphical/sound effects would help there.

Loved the game!
Really cool mechanic, adorable graphics and a fresh idea for this jam.

There is this octopus-like fish you can encounter with one of the higher-level baits which rewards you with enough cats to finish the game.
I'm not enitrely sure whether this is balanced enough.

Anyway, thanks for making this!

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Alternative plan:

  • buys an island
  • exploits cats to earn money
  • overpopulates island with cats
  • causes an integer overflow and is in debts for being too rich
  • buys the ship, leaves an overpopulated, lagging island behind and gets away with a shitload of fish!


The character graphics look really great!
But this game seriously lacks some music
I had similar issues then the other commenters with camera x movement (couldnt adjust speed) and that ladder

When playing I just see this screen and cant do anything

Oh damn I suck at this game, got only 13 kills on my best try lol
Anyway, great work with the atmosphere, the tension created by the music adds a lot to the game.
It would be good to have some kind of map imo so youre not shot at from behind without noticing.
Great work, enjoyed it!

That was hilarious :D
Good idea for taking part in a jam when one has no time.
Btw I found a bug: I still go to jail for murder if I shoot at the sea

Wow thanks for playing and your feedback. Having the music not restarting is a good point but I think that it is also cool to have a "reward" for playing deathless for a while.

Glad to hear you had fun with the game, and I'm always happy when players notice the music and even like it :) Thanks a lot!

Cool thing, are you taking part in major jam?

Yeah the controls feel good

My best time so far. That was fun!

Thanks for playing and the shoutout :)
Glad you enjoyed it

This game is awesome
Thanks for  making it ^^

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This is giving me Mario Kart 64 Koopa Beach vibe
I like the game (just like Bobby, Im no too good traffic cop)

Steering is tough and the bullets are too slow imo but I love the artwork

Thanks for creating the game

If you need help with sounds/music in any kind feel free to DM me on discord (Minor Seven, youll recognize the goron lol ^^)
Anyway I liked our game, gz

Good that you put music in it, although cool art style imo
The UI was cut in the battle with that blue square dude, see below

Although the gameplay was a little too monotonic
Maybe give the AI more devastating attacks (especially some that hit the entire party at once) in order to make battles more interesting.

Good game ^^

I liked the idea but I didnt get too far actually
It was pretty hard to use A/D and E/Q at the same time
Maybe add the option to rotate platforms using the mouse buttons so one can make use of one's second hand ^^

Thanks a lot ^^
As I said to the dude below, it was intended but maybe not the best idea.
Thank you for playing the game

Thanks ^^
Glad you liked the music
These are actually meant to be blocks in a formation, not walls but maybe walls would have been the better idea

Thanks for playing!

Since Unity tends to do random things sometimes, you should definitely keep up that hope :)
(Is your space bar still fine?)

I dont know if Im dumb but can't pass a single obsctacle without crashing ^^

Good ideas indeed. I didnt consider the score count so far since the level is deterministic&finite but a progress meter of any kind would be good.

Im glad you liked the game, Im aware that it is pretty hard but the initial motivation behind it was to make sth that helps me understand Donkey Kong Countrys rocket barrel a bit better (since I suck at them ^^)

Thanks for playing and commenting ^^

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Well done, immersive and cool game
UI to show cooldown time of boost power would be cool I guess (pointing out its existence in the first place too).
I also was pretty sure to have come in third on the first track but I didnt unlock track 2.
The music is cool but a little repetitive. How did you make it though?
Also, some of the tunes dont loop properly

I tried this, but I guess Im just too bad.

It was a pleasure to watch you playing ^^

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Well done, creative use of the two buttons and nice puzzle game ^^
Can someone please show me how to get past the five yellow balls rushing at you though?

Music would have made this a lot more relaxing to play I guess since hearing the death sound over and over again got on my berves pretty quickly (but I guess this could have been avoided by playing better, I actually suck at this game ^^)

That game was really fun.
Loved the concept, but it is sad that there is no music imo :(
Other than that, really well done. The graphics are simple but fitting and you used the two button controls in a clever way.
Good job ^^

Hey I actually didnt get how to play either ^^
But Majors right, the flips look impressive. Does this come from being a sage?

About the music it sounds a bit dissonant to me, is that intended?

Cool game, though ^^

Hey I actually didnt get how to play either ^^
But Majors right, the flips look impressive. Does this come from being a sage?

About the music it sounds a bit dissonant to me, is that intended?

Nice to hear that you liked our concept.
Consistent artstyle for sure is important, thank you for pointing out.

Thanks for play :)

Sorry for the controls. I know its annoying if the controls were created for a different keyboard then the one you are using (on german keyboards, e.g. x and z are somewhat weird but I saw them used in games quite often).
We are currently thinking about how to expand the game, we actually put "more monsters" quite to the back of the queue, first wanting to spice actual gameplay up a bit.

Thanks for your kind words and thanks for play :)

Yeah it really suited the game ^^

I also loved how the game kept picking on the player character whereever it could

Really great humor ^^

Ok just found out that I was way too careless first ^^
Cool game, good job ^^

Yeah that was really cool :)
I love the goofy atmosphere and the humor of the game, really cool RPG parody with hilarious texts.
I didnt like the music first when I was in the menu, but it really supports the goofiness of the actual game.
Good job ^^