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The visuals look cool and the stage design is great (Donkey Kong Country staff would be proud of you ^^). The game was a fun challenge, but lacks music :)

Wow this game is really cute and the jumping feels great!
Love the graphics and music (is the music self-made?).

A non-arcade game thats not about everyone dying is a great idea :)

Btw your sprites seem to be a bit blurry. Did you check the import settings? Unity likes to do some stupid things there

The graphics are great and it was fun to play but it seems like you have some sizing issues (take a look at the canvas scaler script on the canvas game object).
Did you make the music yourself? Its cool :)
The ending graphic blew my mind! Amazing!

The graphics are awesome, youre really talented.
The music is cool as well, I especially like the magma cave theme (cool and groovy bass) and the one of the final room.
As you say its a prototype, Im interested in what the game will become

Funny idea

Really liked the conductor animation

The Visual Effects look quite cool and the line "someone touched the doomsday button" has meme potential. Nice work!

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I also cant actually figure out why I'm dying... and what are the red and yellow UI bars good for? I assume green is life?
Btw your music/SFX are awesome

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Your game was fun to play and quite a challenge too. Simply awesome!
The sfx when the creep talked freaked me out

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I liked this little game, you really made most of every pixel.
The music truly fits and supports the game.
And the men at work cameo made me lmao ^^
Good work.
Btw I survived 18 days. Should stop saying yes to everything... Sucks. Btw btw pianoimpromans performance was awesome! ^^

Cool music/sfx and a nice idea :)
It was aninteressting experience to play it :)

Wow thats a tough one!
Really clever idea, nice sfx, cool graphics.

I like your music and sfx
But I actually failed to find the level 2 altar :)
Cool idea of how to interpret the sacrificing topic

The graphics are cool and the concept is really creative. But I didnt like that there are a few situations where you cant do anything but resetting or suiciding :( (eg the first pit with a lot of gold). Or am I just too dumb to play?

Btw the part where the player is launched towards the gold on the ceiling was mean ;)
I enjoyed playing your game :)

I can just agree with the others :) the shooting is fun and I really liked the idea with the different gravity levels. It also was a good idea to give the game a little story and also name the planets (which reminded me of star fox/metroid actually. Great!). 
But I also must agree with the commenter below who points to the misleading guiding coin in the second stage :( that was mean.
Btw the music fits the game quite well and gives a fitting vibe, but the loop is a little short in my opinion

Oh shit, I forgot that you posted a post-jam version - I played the older one because 7z was too dumb to open .rar files

Yeah, maybe true but its still one of the most minamilistic yet cool games I've ever played.
Are you still working on the game?

Cool idea, great work! :)

The music and sfx are great, cool atmosphere. The music for the lights-on sections illustrates chatting people at a party in a great way :) And the lights-off OST had a simple, cool and effective drive. I liked it a lot!

Anyway, I turned your game into a top-down shooter which gave me quite high accuracy in some runs. ;)
Playing your game was a great experience to me because I have never seen such a game concept before. Thanks for making it :)

The game is cute, I especially liked the player animations (cape movement/dash/attack).

In my opinion, a life bar would improve the game a lot. At some point in playing, I wasnt sure whether I got already hit once or twice, but this just might be because I am old and tend to forget things.

Btw as a sound guy, I'm always somewhat disappointed when a game has no music at all :( The charming pixel art would most likely inspire any sound artist to do something cool :)

Anyway, it was fun to play your game,  thanks for making it :)

Now thats an interesting idea!

Cool game, I like the music and the simplicity in both game design and arts.

It is still fun to play, though.

Great work!

That one gave me hell. (For 20 minutes)

Really creative idea, great soundtrack.

I never was that proud before of a successful bullet dodge!

But the controls somehow suck: why use three buttons that are apparently randomly distributed over the keyboard?

Anyway, keep up the great work!

Ok, screw that.
Was just too stupid to proceed.

Can only tell you again that you did a great job.
How about adding a story to the game?
Or did you already have a background in mind?

Wow, it's really spooky (actually playing this daytime, should try it at night)

Nicely done! The sound effects are great and really contribute to the haunted feeling

However, is there any objective?

Doesn't work too good for me actually (playing in browser).
How do you grab the ladder in level 1?