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Nice! Els colors et fan tornar boig per això, al parar de jugar veia coses flotant per l'habitació XD

I guess that this is what happens when you do a Mac build and you don't own a Mac to test it with... But it may be that you don't have Direct 11 installed and it defaults to Direct 9 that for some reason doesn't work properly with some elements of the game.

Also, I don't want to sound rude. But you probably shouldn't be judging what feels precise and what doesn't if you are using a touchpad.

But thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it!

Nice cool game. Good simple concept well executed. My only complaint is the character tends to get stuck in corners. Other than that it was great.

And props for using screenshake ;)

Quite challenging but awesome!

Holly shit this is awesome! Keep it up!

Fun gameplay and great concept and design!

Super creative and overall fun. Good job!

Thank you very much. I'm all about them difficult games :P

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for understanding :D

I found the issue. You can try the slow fix version if you want. Sorry for the inconvenience :)

First of all glad you found it cool and also you nailed it with the slow thing. I don't know why I didn't think about it myself. the movement was on the update method... So yeah, rookie mistake XD

About the feedback I tried DX9 but almost everything turned black so I just went back to DX11. About the border shooting thing I'm aware but unfortunately I didn't find a solution, the problem is that the border is indeed in the way of your gun and the place you are aiming at. I tried disabling collision if the border is close but then you can see the bullet flying through the floor and it's weird. So I just left it as is.

Regarding the movement I know it's flawed. I did my best in the time I had. You also need to keep in mind that the game systems are complex and has a lot of things to it that are not easy to balance. Is difficult to nail the feel of a first person shooter that consists on flying around with a hook while slowing time and shooting stuff :P

But thanks for the feedback. You were spot on with everything!

Ok. Fixed it this time for real. The movement was in the update method so the movement was dependant on the frame rate. What a rookie mistake... Hope you can enjoy the game now :D

Like the player has too much inertia. You relase the movement key and it keeps going. As you were walking  on ice

This was awesome! I love it when you gain momentum and start going faster. So satisfying :)

Also props on the art!

It was fun! The raycast shooting is a bit off and although some doors closed when it shouldn't I managed to get to the hacking minigame. Then I lost and the game closed :P

But thanks for sharing I enjoyed it.

Super original and inspired story. I really enjoyed it, thanks a lot for sharing!!!!

Nice game. It was fun :D

I would improve the player movement, feels slippery

The game was surprisingly fun! It's super cool to run around rocket jumping and making stuff explode!!!


How did you do the destruction thing? It's amazing!

Very cool graphics

Definately looks better! :D

Loooooool. Gotta go fast boiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Memes apart I had a lot of fun. Congrats on the game!

I enjoyed the game. Good job.

The controls feel a bit klunky since the ball can get too much momentum by spinning. I would apply force to the ball instead of spinning it.

But thanks for sharing. It was fun :)

Holly shit. That jump scare after having no sound in the game hahahaha

You got me. I would have liked a longer game, I hot hyped after the first scare.

Nice game. Fun concept.

The jump feels quite slippery and unprecise though.

But I enjoyed the game. Thanks for sharing

Fun game and awesome asthetics.

I'm missing some feedback in for example when you hit enemies and maybe some nice particle effects for the enemies spawning, exploding etc

But good job guys, keep it up and congrats on your game.

I was also quite bad at the game but I had fun. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the game!

This game is awesome. Really good job.

I would have liked a bit less gravity but I have a lot of fun regardless.

Nice. Good you could fix it! I enjoyed the game. Good job with the models and overall asthetics of the game.

(2 edits)

Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement, I really appreciate it.

As for the "impossible" level 3 jump it's obviously possible, otherwise it wouldn't be in the game :P

The more you press space the more you jump. Oh and the hook only goes off if you are not too close to what you are aiming to. This was done because in fact your arms in this cases are inside geometry but it doesn't look like it since I used camera culling masks.

And again thanks for the feedback :D


As he said too dark. I would have also liked some animations and a bit more clarity on the enemies.

But nice entry, thanks for sharing. And keep it up!

The overall asthetics, setting and animations are completely amazing! I also liked the music.

You can still improve the combat system though. But good job, nice entry!

My only complaint is the lack of sound and how the movement sometimes feels clunky.

Other than that the game is awesome, entretaining and the idea behind it is inspired. Also I really dig the art. Good job!

To be honest Racso just nailed it. He thinks the same that I do.

About the good part:

The visual aspect of the game is cool and so is the idea. Also props for the line renderer hook. I've also done something simillar for my submission. Feel free to check it out.

Thanks for sharing your game, good entry! 

See what you tried to do there, ambitious cool idea! As the other people said I was also confised at first but nice game I had fun, thanks for sharing :)

I'm guessing this is your first jam so this is a good start.

For the next time try giving a bit more context or trying to explain what is the game about.

I had fun for a while so thanks for sharing and keep it up! 

Good job! Was a lot of fun! As people mentioned it lacks a bit of polish and fine tunning but great entry. Thanks for sharing and keep it up! Also too much screen shake for my taste, but this depends a lot on the person, so you can ignore it.

The game looks great. But what do I need to do? How is this realted to the jam's theme? Why is there a green monster? What does he do?

Awesome game! Nice design, concept, asthetics and polish. I really enjoyed playing it through.

Just some minor things that bothered me: Not being able to reset the level at any given time, the shadow thing sometimes flickers, the cursor is visible.

But overall great job, definately one of the best games I tried so far :D

I guess it's all a matter of taste. Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback, I'm glad you got some fun out of it ^^

Oh please, please. I'm by no means a great developer (yet :P). But thank you very much for the kind words. Keep it up man! See you in the next jam ;)