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So, you think pay2win will make this game better. No just no. I don't want this to be the the next call of duty.

So this game is gonna transform from a derpy little game to battlefield 5.

So this game is gonna transform from a derpy little game to battlefield 5.

Or just Co-op

Also, can you add an option of removing the motion blur? I played it for about 2 hours and I threw up because of the motion blur.

Will you ever add voice chat?

Replied to chaozz in Survius comments

Google it...

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It would be cool if you would add a map editor or something like that.I LOVE wallrunning, so I would like to create a map where there are a lot of walls. Also, can you add a rolling animation instead of a hurting animation by falling from big heights?

I think your antivirus deleted some data, because on startup, data is downloaded so it can work

well, if we want a city map or more updates, he will make it paid, which is great, because then he can add multiplayer + he will add this game on steam.

shoot the reds and claim the flags.

minigun should take all the slots in the misc.

It will be multiplayer when raven will know how to script better, do anti cheating, and when it will be on steam and paid, so he can keep the servers up and make updates with that money.

Bots are controlled by the enemies bots, and the opposite. If the enemy team is dead and there are not any points to go to, they can't respond anymore.