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Tracks (old) community · Created a new topic Idea

Try to add a texture pack similar to the game factorio. 

Hey cool, I'm here before Dr Whoop. (I know it doesn't matter.)


A track generator.

Also, I don't mean to be greedy, but are you giving beta keys to anyone apart from yourself?

Look, I should be quick so JSE fans don't make you lose this community post. Also, I don't know if you're going for a realistic approach or not so here: The idea is a teleporter rail. when the train goes in, it comes out of another teleporter of the same colour. also, it has an optional 2 second cooldown, so if you're planning on making a feature of multiple trains, you could make a complicated mess where one train goes in and another one goes through so it could go on a different path then the teleported train.