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I understand that this is coming some time after your comment was originally posted, but it seemed that such a condescending comment deserved a response. Many  Journaling RPGs are functionally content generators that the player uses to write about a character's experiences. The decision point occurs when you decide what to do with the prompts. Many players want the experience of the role they choose, not the limitations of the roll they made.

Not enjoying those type of experiences is reasonable. Ridiculing the game creator, and by association fans of that type of experience, based on your subjective requirements is unreasonable. An RPG does not require a fail condition, nor hardcoded mechanics to resolve the narrative.

For some perspective, one of DriveThruRPGs best selling indie games, "Journey", is precisely presented and designed to be a content generation game. It's a great game, and this one seems to carry on in the same genre.

That was really helpful, I can finish the map with out overthinking where to leave space. I can always redraw it down the road if need be. Thank you. 

I have a question, though I haven’t started playing yet. I’m starting by drawing a village map. I see the tinker expansion adds a new workshop building, would you able to say if there will be any more expansions with new village buildings in the near future?

This game is a great example of a simple premise that is laid out in a clear manner. It is a great source of inspiration to jumpstart the imagination. All the game asks is that you look at the world around you with your imagination as much as your eyes. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and now find myself looking for interesting objects all of the time. 

I am working on a physical card game, with a demo on Tabletop Simulator planned for play testing. Would your license allow these assets to be used in the physical and digital versions of this project?