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♥♥♥♥♥ it's a fun and short game. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of a6 and needs a short and very sweet pastime between chapter two and three. 

I learnt a lot about the character's things which were hinted and I am sure will be elaborated in future chapters.

I am a slut for Calderon but Damon's route is, chef's kiss. I have yet to play the other routes but I am sure that I'll be delighted ♥.

5 bucks aren't much and I did it to support the creators of this wonderful game ♥

i really enjoyed laceys route ^^but  ernol is still my fave ^^

hey, i just played it and i am hooked. thanks for the recommendation ^^

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xdyfxvdrs *flips table* I just played the first two episodes and I love this game. I didn't realise that only 2 chapters are available so i thought i did a stupid decision and died in the alley. I KNEW I WAS.... I KNEEEEW it. Calderon IS AN ASSHOLE BUT HE'S MY ASSHOLE.

it is only a minor issue i had but so far i am definitely eenjoying the game, all the choices seems so intresting ^^

i really liked the demo! can't wait for the extended demo with all the love interests. (the only minor issue i had as a woc was that i couldn't relate to the man character but fortunately her appearance (besides the red hair) is not the focus of the game.

thank you

Thank you so much ^^

As a broke college student myself I wanna thank I might check it out ^^

I started to play it on Friday and I’m so hook! All these interesting routes and choices are so incredible. Can’t wait for the full game to be released😊

that's sound impressive is there a full version of the game?

Omg yeah that was the game thank you so much. Thanks for listing all these  alternatives. Sad to see that the project is abandoned

Hey since the creator has the audacity to ignore us, I want to know if anyone knows alternatives to this game... 

I remember I came across a game similar game to this one (basically princess suddenly becomes queen etc.) but don’t know the game anymore