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Thank you Patate! :)

Quite. In fact, it would be at minimum a 50-year long endeavor, if my calculations are correct!

And thanks for playing - glad you liked the ending joke :)

Yup. There just had to be one of these games.

Thank you for the great ideas! I was actually thinking the same thing with that sort of tranquil, overly "inspirational-looking" changing background. Still, I've got a lot to learn before trying to make those changes - luckily there's a decade left to do that :)

This is awesome! The nyan cats haha - those look great. Really fun to play, awesome modelling and sound effects. Theme-wise you've absolutely gotten the graphical one - the environment looks fantastic - and well done with getting that one-input mode in too. Overall, really well made.

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Very creative use of the theme! - gives this one some pretty unique player movement. I like the sounds too. One suggestion - could you align the tiles to a grid? That would be neat.

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you for playing! I agree, this one really does throw everything away just to make the player "give up" for the theme. Glad you enjoyed the gameplay part, and I'll definitely look for ways to get players around "the kick in the head" :)

(hey, for anyone who stumbles across this in the future) the game is set to private now, to avoid this being found out of the context of gbtk. @adriendittrick did a quick playthrough if you're really curious, but prepare to be disappointed - this was gbtk, after all :)

Thanks! :)

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well looks like that's game

Thanks for suffering through all of the GBTK games for us though! And of course, thanks for hosting this wonderfully awful jam :)

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Thanks for the bluescreen and popups from the original; they work really well here! Good luck with your own game.

This game is fantastic! I was surprised by how much variety you got into this game in just 48 hours! It's impressive how you designed your levels for different characters. And it was just as fun to play the second time trying different levels and recruits. Definitely my favourite so far, 5/5! :)
The perspective graphics are nice, though I found it sometimes made judging how many tiles up/down were between your recruits and other things in the scene.

Thank you! Hopefully the bugs didn't ruin the experience too much, I know there's a few places where the game will just go "nope."

Fantastic concept - leads to some unique puzzles here. I think this game has a lot of potential, though the controls take some getting used to. Nice one-colour art too!

Heh. Just what I was looking to create. Thanks :)
(sorry for the late reply)

Thank you! Good feedback - I didn't think about non-qwerty keyboards. I'll remember that next time.

Thanks! I agree, "tedious dvd menu" sums this game up perfectly :)

Fun and intuitive! Also, I know Mark said this wasn't a jam about visuals and audio, but that is some neat sound design.

Nice game! The familiarity of the chess mechanics combined with the ability to switch the player's piece makes for some unique strategic gameplay.

Thank you :)
Yep, that's a real bug there - there's meant to be a final bluescreen, but I guess GenericOS has just had enough at this point! An ironic ending to this game. I'm glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for the comment! I've changed it now. I didn't have time to test this when re-enabled HTML5 game extraction which led to this mess.

Oh dear! Yeah, I definitely need to change that.