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I enjoyed and loved Hyper Sentinel because boasts an enjoyable old school feeling on graphics, audio and gameplay.

I made a full review on sapnish about this awesome game here:

Este juego es impresionante, ojalá siga su desarrollo :)

Que gran juego han hecho, son un equipazo tremendo!!!

Por cierto, he hecho una notita de prensa sobre el en mi web:

Hey guys, I'm back. I made a review in spanish about this awesome game:

Keep doing the good work :)

This game looks fantastic.

This game is pretty unique and fun, because you only have to shout commands to defeat your enemies. Perfect game for a quick match.

I wrote a review in spanish about Zap Signal that you can read here:

A neoretro Metroidvania with Gameboyish flavour... I love it <3

Zeroptian Invasion es todo un homenaje a la era dorada de los shoot em' ups en arcade. Es atractivo y se deja jugar muy bien, pero no hay que confundirse, ya que posee la dificultad elevada que caracterizaba a esa época.


Hard and unforgiving just like you said in the description. I love the GameBoy-like aesthetics of this game, but I can't keep dying forever... Awesome game.

Looks pretty interesting. I'm so anxious to play the full version and review it :)

Este metroidvania me encantó bastante, es sencillo, corto y bastante adictivo. He elaborado una review completa aquí:

Rysen es un excelente shoot em' up que nos recuerda lo mejor de la era dorada de los arcade. Acá dejo una review que le hice en profundidad:

I loved this game so much. It feels like an action RPG from a 16 bit console with some cool features like crafting system.

I made a review about the full version in spanish that you can read here:

Lo he probado unas cuantas horas y debo admitir que es un juego con un potencial enorme, espero que el desarrollo siga adelante porque me muero de ganas por jugar la versión final.

Acá dejo las impresiones que tuve en mi Ezine:

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Raarwmagedon representa a plenitud lo que debe tener un juego. Diversión en todo momento, ya que a pesar de la sencillez de sus mecánicas, es bastante adictivo.

Mi review completa acá:

Can't wait for a full release of this game :)

Hi there, I loved this game so much because it's pretty addictive and has a lot of animals and funny situations.

I wrote a review on my blog (spanish):

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Pretty good game. It catchs the feel of the little we watched on Bandersnatch.

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Hyper HD it's a truly homage to the classic era of Megaman games and metroidvanias in general. This game puts our skills to the limit thanks to a wide arrange of platforms and enemies on every stage but it can be too hard on certain parts. It's a must play.

I made a review in spanish that you can read here:

Nice game, it reminds me the Super Mario Bros series. I'll stay in contact for futures updates because this game worths so much.

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That's pretty good to know. I'll stay in contact. :)

I like the mixture between point n' click adventure and shooter. The graphics are so cool (I loooove the gorgeous pixel art this game has) and the music. It's brilliant, I hope you can use it for a bigger game. 

This trivia game is awesome to look Sega equivalents to Nintendo games because Genesis does what Nintendón't.

Un título muy profundo con una temática muy personal e íntima, me ha encantado muchísimo.

Acá dejo la review que le hice:

Este juego está muy bueno, completamente recomendado para quienes quieran echarse una partida rápida y pulir sus reflejos sin muchas complicaciones además que el apartado gráfico y la música son una maravilla.

This is a pretty good game, nice graphics, settings and gameplay.

I made a full review in spanish on my blog:

Thabk you, sure :)

It would be awesome if I include some of those sprites on the banner of my blog.

Sure, I followed your advices and found an amazingly fun game. 

This bullet hell is pretty awesome, nice setup and gameplay. It's a must play for any danmaku fan.

I made a review in spanish about this game:

This is a must play for any RPG horror gamer because it has a solid gameplay with a good story and setup.

I made a review in spanish:

This is a brillant rogue-like but not an easy one.

I made a review on my blog in spanish about this awesome game:

This game is absolutely brilliant. One of the best homages to the DOOM franchise by far.

Also, I made a review in spanish about this game:

Hi there, I just came here to post a review in spanish about this awesome game on my blog.

This title seems very interesting.

Este título es sencillamente increíble, me encantó como plasmaron la realidad de muchas personas de una manera muy íntima y el apartado gráfico con vista isométrica es simplemente hermoso.

This game is like its name... Sublime <3

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This game is beautiful, I love how you took poetry and make it interactive with a beautiful and minimalist pixel art with a lovely and relaxing background music.

This game is awesome, too bad that I suck.

I figure it out in the fourth race haha