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Thabk you, sure :)

It would be awesome if I include some of those sprites on the banner of my blog.

Sure, I followed your advices and found an amazingly fun game. 

This bullet hell is pretty awesome, nice setup and gameplay. It's a must play for any danmaku fan.

I made a review in spanish about this game:

This is a must play for any RPG horror gamer because it has a solid gameplay with a good story and setup.

I made a review in spanish:

This is a brillant rogue-like but not an easy one.

I made a review on my blog in spanish about this awesome game:

This game is absolutely brilliant. One of the best homages to the DOOM franchise by far.

Also, I made a review in spanish about this game:

Hi there, I just came here to post a review in spanish about this awesome game on my blog.

This title seems very interesting.

Este título es sencillamente increíble, me encantó como plasmaron la realidad de muchas personas de una manera muy íntima y el apartado gráfico con vista isométrica es simplemente hermoso.

This game is like its name... Sublime <3

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This game is beautiful, I love how you took poetry and make it interactive with a beautiful and minimalist pixel art with a lovely and relaxing background music.

This game is awesome, too bad that I suck.

I figure it out in the fourth race haha

This game is AWESOME!!! I love it at first time, the graphics are pretty cool and reminds the F-ZERO saga. The difficulty is pretty high even in easy mode, but I think this makes this game more fun because it's a real challenge. 

This game looks beatiful, reminds me some 16 bit games for the snes.