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This title seems very interesting.

Este título es sencillamente increíble, me encantó como plasmaron la realidad de muchas personas de una manera muy íntima y el apartado gráfico con vista isométrica es simplemente hermoso.

This game is like its name... Sublime <3

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This game is beautiful, I love how you took poetry and make it interactive with a beautiful and minimalist pixel art with a lovely and relaxing background music.

This game is awesome, too bad that I suck.

I figure it out in the fourth race haha

This game is AWESOME!!! I love it at first time, the graphics are pretty cool and reminds the F-ZERO saga. The difficulty is pretty high even in easy mode, but I think this makes this game more fun because it's a real challenge. 

This game looks beatiful, reminds me some 16 bit games for the snes.