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Hunt whit him

When I unlock Crossroad and try to click to go there my game just is not going, is this just me? Or I click to go simply I do not arrive and it is passing minutes or I arrive but the options or the image of the place does not appear but the map for me to go somewhere else (it marks with if I were in Crossroad)

Ok, Thk

Hi, first of all I would like to congratulate you for your work so far, the tennis theme is something very interesting and it is much cooler than in the ExtracurricularBlaBlaBla.
I would like to know if the game will have any DLC in the future when the project is finalized

Finally a Visual Novel R13 I was getting scared that Visual Novels would be only for pornography, I really liked your project, your art is also very enterable, I hope you do more projects as good as this one

Good to know...

Andy, do you intend to make small updates to the game but with a small amount of time between each one or a big update but with a large amount of time for each update? Just to know if I'm going to have to open this page every day

I wonder why there's still no way to stay with Richard, the protagonist does not treat him as if he were a father, simply rejecting others would make his route begin, it would be practical and meet some fan's wishes (sorry if that seemed a bit rude or a critic, it was only speaking what I want, selfish way of being)   : P

The internship community · Created a new topic :P

I think this game has a future

I would like to know if you will have how to make Rufus back to normal during the game

I think it's fair to let those who pay for the DLC play it before those who expect to stay free, I intend to buy, even more for 1 Dollar, but I'm not that connoisseur of porn, but the feeling I had playing the game was relaxing, I I would like to know if this DLC is going to be R-13 or R-18, thanks in case you answer me