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Neither of us succumbed! They actually landed on the joker on their first turn, and spent the rest of the game telling a nice story about cooking with our elderly neighbour while I flailed towards them through the timestream 

This was really fun and sweet to play through! My partner mostly doesn't like rpgs, but enjoyed this one. It has a great balance of intimacy, sadness and humour. 

This is such a fun action-horror game, and works great for my group who aren't interested in the racist and ableist aspects of Lovecraft's legacy

This was so much fun, and does a great job balancing sort of realistic psychological stress with escalating supernatural horror in a way that's just joyously awful. Also has one of my favourite fifth rings in any Trophy Dark incursion, a really amazing climax. 

This is such a funny, creepy incursion - my players laughed a lot but we still managed moments of real creepiness and horror, which is exactly what I wanted. Super fun, highly recommend!