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I cannot seem to get it to work with an XBOX One controller. It looks really charming though!

I really like the artstyle and I feel like the different abilities at Vivid's disposal are simple to use but have  a lot of versatility. I got stuck on the beaver part with the axes on the second wall you have to scale that also has normal blocks. Regardless, I've really enjoyed playing the demo and I'm going to try to play through it again later. 

I had fun wandering around in it. Really nice soundtrack. I wish there was more dialogue but it was still very cute.

Funny, clever and cute.  Only criticism I have is the sound, it's way too high pitched.

Found a bug, when you hold down D she stays in the same pose even when her sprite rises in some scenes.

I like the concept! Feels like a visual novel with QTEs. Also an endearing story. Kind of wish there was more to dodge though. 

Side note: I liked holding down "D" to duck and look like a gremlin for as long as possible.

Congrats on uploading your first game jam! I found I was able to spam the jump button as much as I wanted. If you want to fix that you should add checking if the player is colliding with the top of the block before they can jump. I enjoyed the concept and look forward to playing what you deliver after building off of this experience. 

Not much to do but felt dream-like. I appreciate the gazebo's reappearance near the end as well as the cat.  

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I enjoyed the thought that went into the objects you can interact with in this one! I may have missed why Jerry committed suicide but perhaps it doesn't matter. What is this game made in? I saw another game submitted called Dreams that plays similarly.