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Great idea, potential addition: get it to give you the number of chips you're betting for so people can weigh up the pros and cons

Nice design for a game, very pretty as well

Really nice game, fun once you get the hang of it, maybe as a patch change the back button from something that isn't escape cause that also takes you out of fullscreen

This has to be one of the best concepts in the jam! A really clever design, love how you switch between avoiding rerolls and gaining them. If ur making this as a full game (and I hope you do) maybe add some turns rainbow road style and give it a multiplayer option

Really nice way to manage the difficulty curve!

Nice concept, I don't know if it was just me being stupid but I couldn't figure out the levels above easy.

Fun concept, I probably needed to read the instructions before playing tho lol 

Really nice concept for a game, actually really fun to play co-op

Really nice game, very well presented, puzzles had a nice difficulty curve to them

nice concept!

Really fun and original concept, only thing I can think of is maybe letting the player know when the dice reset

Really nice job on all the art

Pretty decent way to spice up the whole "roll a dice to the finish - but it's on a specific face" trend we've gotten this year

Looks pretty!

Very original concept, maybe a single player version to be added later?

This game is wild, very pretty for a 48 hour

Really nice game feel, I do feel it's a bit too big brain for me tho lol

Fun game, music got a bit of annoying after a while, but the concept was good

Very fun, maybe a tutorial would of made things easier initially tho

Very fun concept, very fun to play

really hard puzzle game but good concept, maybe stopping the dice phasing into one  another would be useful as well

Nice game, very pretty, maybe needs a tutorial for what the dice does?

I've seen a couple of these, this is one of the better ones tho, considering it uses both WASD and arrow keys (on keyboard at least), also nice use of abilities, if I can figure out what some of them do, more info generally would be great.

Really nice idea,  perhaps make it slightly easier and maybe have the restart button return you to just start of the level. Oh and the hacking bit isn't really applicable to someone with numpad, sorry!

Really nice idea,  perhaps make it slightly easier and maybe have the restart button return you to just start of the level. Oh and the hacking bit isn't really applicable to someone with numpad, sorry!

Nice idea, although the general lack of impact made the whole thing more confusing than it potentially could be.

I mean it's original as all hell, although I would maybe slow it down?

Damn this is a nice concept, only problem: tighten the physics a bit, cause the second marble keeps phasing through the slope.

Right, so, nice version of the "Out of controll" theme, I hate large swarms of bugs with a passion so making my skin crawl is a positive here. One thing: make the game over thing with the changing life shorter. Me trying to get a highscore is slightly smashed by having to wait 30 seconds every time I fail.

Nice concept! It's  quite fun, although I would have the enemies knocked back regardless of if they hit the front of the enemy or not?

certainly a nice idea, although not sure about the bit with the spikes tho, maybe add a restart button to help?

Really solid idea, I know the idea of the Jam was no control, but maybe have player have slightly more control as to where the blocks go? Also maybe a restart button wouldn't go amiss cause I wanna beat my high score.

really good comedic timing for a game jam game. This is one of the better versions of the "suddenly loose control" genre found in this jam. I would say maybe make the fatigue go down faster when moving fast? couldn't tell if it was doing that already.

It's quite a good idea, does need a bit longer in the oven of course, but it could be quite fun.

Ohhh cheers man, gonna  go back and finish it!

Damn that astetic tho! Really satifying to play when you get into it, I'd make the boost have more impact tho, cause I got kinda stuck at certain points due to lack of momentum.

Really like the base idea, you could do a lot with that. I just tune up the platforming a bit, possibly by slowing down the character and widening how much they can see.

best drifting game, really fun to sling yourself round corners. The sound effect gets a bit grating after a bit, I'd recommend randomising it if possible? Also what do the green ones do?

Deja vu! but also the game is pretty fun, I'd perhaps make the car more controllable, maybe up the turn speed? But it was engaging enough to get me to play all levels and beat times and stuff.

TEACH - but in all seriousness nice game! The movement is proper fun, especially for some reason the slow down. I would amp the chaos up just a little bit, and maybe add a sprint button? (maybe make it really uncontrallable for balance).