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I like how you drew out the dialogue, I like the level of difficulty, I liked the engagement with the characters, I liked the art. Fucking beautiful.

What's the tune?

I guess the amount of HP loss would be have to be proportional to the food deficit.

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Feels like it would be much more elegant if starvation just made first military units lose HP slowly, then villagers. Wouldn't that reach a nice equilibrium? Instantly losing because of starvation feels like you got cheated

I'm completely baffled. It looks fun, nobody else seems to have trouble, but I will die of starvation with food in my town hall every time! How does the food meter relate to actual bundles of food in your town hall, or in people's hands? They sure won't pause and have a bite, they just straight up die! So frustrating!

how do you play the game without slipways?

how about some screenshots?

these are the only kind of games i play anymore.. can we have the music track? good work music

Nice sell. Ratmen for days!

I was really stuck until I re-read the instructions and noticed potions.

You should let people button mash to go faster, and the game will be complete.

Watched a Let's Play of this, the atmosphere is fantastic. Turn up the indie experience on your Duskers!