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Feedback on the poll so far: (As of 8/1/2021)

3 against program window size increases.

1 suggesting the ability to turn sections off and on to accommodate additional sections (saved to the .ini file so the program remembers your settings)

1 suggesting a toggle for 'basic' and 'advanced' modes.

So far I am leaning towards not changing the window size and considering pop up windows or extra tabs for additional features. I am also considering the possibility of spinning these features off into their own program for easier maintenance...

Something user/downloader side as well to flag games for review if they are not tagged properly would probably not go amiss... but that would require someone to go looking at things being flagged and might get used to harass someone (either the dev or folks...)  I do not know how the bigger sites handle these things, but it might be worth studying them.

As far as the uploader side, a simple check or combo box on the main page that enables the content tags in an easy manner, similar to the current tags would be probably the easiest way to implement this.

(As for users under 13 getting content from the site, older people could choose to download games for their children/younger siblings, so an E for everyone category wouldn't be a problem and might help them filter out things inappropriate to a really young person...)

It's up to you. This was just a suggestion and something I wish Ark had honestly. Just a small optional tutorial island that explains the basics before you get thrown into the main event.  I already get far better fps than Ark once it's loaded, so you're doing a good job there. :)

If you feel you have to have a tutorial area, why not just set up a small tutorial map? Could be just a small island with a few of everything, just to learn the basics of each system. Gathering, combat, crafting, the building system...  maybe even the dragon stuff. Doesn't even need to save. You could also use such a map to speed up feature testing :)

Your recent update no longer completely freezes up in the loading process. Was even able to play for a bit. The stall appears to be caused by the creation process when the world is first populated. (After this initial 10-15 minute creation stall, the loading time drops to a few minutes, similar to Ark.) 

As for feedback, I have to say that things are a bit overwhelming at first. Perhaps more can be done to ease the player into things. The UI seems awfully small and it's hard to know which inventory items do what. I reached the first camp and proceeded to drop dead, even though I hadn't engaged in any combat and thought I had done and eaten the right things. Click and hold to attack also seems a little unusual. Most of these games have you click and hold to repeatedly do something, while single click swings once.

Seems like a good start though. Definitely impressive for a single person project. :-)

The Dark Age of Camelot community thanks you the ability to host more than games here. I don't think support for my app, GearBunny has ever been this high. It has definitely streamlined the process of uploading and distributing other work as well. Keep up the good work. :-)

The place it happened the most is with tamed creatures and placed structures. Anytime they made a change to either, creatures/structures that were tamed before the patch would keep their old properties. (I only mention this because I see you are working with Unreal, the same engine they use, and I have seen this issue in other Unreal engine games as well.)  Occasionally this also caused things to null reference themselves, effectively causing them to self-destruct. Overall, Unreal is a tricky engine to use, but it looks like you are doing well so far. Keep up the good work. :-)

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That's a processing/caching thing on YouTube's end. It normally fixes itself within 12h-24h of the conversion from stream to full upload. (Takes some time to convert all the livestream data into a full video, especially if it was longer than 2h or so.)

This could be related to the UE4 serialization style. (IE: Things saved in the save files maintain their old qualities instead of updating to the newer objects.)  Ark had tons of issues with this in the early days. (You have to program objects to upgrade themselves when there's a base object change or something like that. The best place to do that is while the world prepares on loading, but it will add some more processing time to the loading...)

Good luck :-)

It's okay. I'll be keeping an eye on your project and try it again from time to time. :-)

I never reached the start point. It nearly freezes up the entire computer (Ctrl+Alt+Del even has trouble interrupting it) I assume it's doing something because the hard drive light is blinking a lot (I get similar issues in Ark:Survival Evolved when I approach a large base and it all has to load/unload things.)  The title screen looks pretty good to me though. So I'll come back and take a look in a while and try again.

Not sure if I set it up wrong, but the video settings were not saving. Also, after the intro completes, the system comes to a near complete halt as it overflows my computer's memory loading things. System is older though, so maybe it just can't play beyond the title screen. (I have similar hard disk stall issues in another large UE4 game (ARK:SE), so this could just be an engine specific problem.)

Quad Core AMD 3400M with Radeon 6520G (Toshiba L775D laptop) 6gb ram.

Other than the stall, things look good on the title screen, and the framerate appears reasonable at lower settings.

Thanks for your feedback. We are graced to have an in house musician. There just wasn't time to experiment with the wav/ogg library I found a few days ago (and having to figure out how to pack the .ogg file into the executable...)   We will probably work on that after the end of voting. Thanks again :-)

Yeah, that is an interesting thought. I hadn't considered the idea of skinning more of the UI elements given the rush to finish. Not sure how I'd do that with the list boxes though... You've given me something interesting to think about, thank you :-)

Thanks for playing. All of the text adventures that I used to play had some sort of saving, so I couldn't leave that out. Your thoughts on music, sound effects and possible voice-overs were considered, but given only two days were put to the side for possible future iterations on the game. (Or for brand new games based on the engine)

What would you suggest for UI improvements? I tried to distill the most common actions in the games to as few controls as possible. I also briefly considered the whole idea of a text parser and having the player input their actions, but that also would have probably took too long to implement during a game jam. 

Yeah, it took quite a few deaths to realize that forward had the strongest 'push' or 'grip' among the controls to keep myself near the center. I didn't even realize I was approaching an island until the beast passed through the ship. (I also got stuck behind barrels at startup, you might consider removing them from that first room so people can oriented.)

Interesting experience overall, and was nice to meet you in the voice chat :)

Hate to say it, but at least for me this started to cause motion sickness after 5-10 minutes. Like the music and concept though. May want an epilepsy warning as well... Again, I hate to say it, I was enjoying it up until my head started to swim a bit...

One thought on a way to improve this would be to implement a 'Q-Bert' style of moving between the heads. I found the need for accuracy in jumping to be somewhat distracting from the main goal of connecting the minds. I also ran into the problem of a black cloud 'camping' the start point, but you've already mentioned that you know about it. In this case, the cloud just at the start point going back and forth to the second (and only possible) connection and the start point. Clearly that idea didn't want to be spread or something :P.  I don't know if you can get some longer music, but that song got repetitive quickly...

You've got an interesting concept overall and I could see this being popular. Just needs some work.

Even though you didn't make the art and music, I feel like you used those elements well to present your story. The laughing doll in the attic was a really genius use of the animation system and I almost restarted just to watch that again. :)

You only found one? :)

Perhaps looking at how the ball bounces off the flippers. There were times it seems I would just catch the ball and the velocity suggested it should bounce away instead. 

The poetry was good. Some riddles felt a little too vague to get the answer you had chosen. Synonyms for that answer may be a good idea. Music felt very appropriate, and at first I thought you were perhaps inspired by 'Life is Strange' because of that. Needs more goals and/or riddle sets to become something you might play regularly. (Perhaps if it could connect to a 'riddle server' online or something to get new daily riddles?)

Not bad for just a few days of work, I'd keep working on this to see where you can take the overall idea. Not a lot of pinball games available out there. Have fun.

A lot of programs will say that. Standard windows/mac/android message for programs they don't recognize from the internet. Active virus scanners watch these unknown apps even more carefully, so there's usually little to worry about. If it helps ease your mind, scan it with one of the online apps or whatever you have on your computer.

Are you supposed to lose all items you've gained when you return to town via portal? 

Ah. I did see that happen once, so good to know. But does that make the crop plot randomly stop being able to grow? Could a mouse be hiding under the crop plots where I can't see him?

There seems to be some issue with the crop plots randomly dying when you step away from them. One moment the progress bar is there, the next it's gone. Sometimes even when you have the mouse over them. Or is this a feature that crops don't always germinate and grow?