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GearBunny Studios

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Thank you for the review and for showing our game on your feedback Friday stream. Your feedback is very appreciated. (And has been incorporated into the newest build on 1/2/2018)

Replied to wyatt22 in Bug reports

A lot of programs will say that. Standard windows/mac/android message for programs they don't recognize from the internet. Active virus scanners watch these unknown apps even more carefully, so there's usually little to worry about. If it helps ease your mind, scan it with one of the online apps or whatever you have on your computer.

Are you supposed to lose all items you've gained when you return to town via portal? 

Ah. I did see that happen once, so good to know. But does that make the crop plot randomly stop being able to grow? Could a mouse be hiding under the crop plots where I can't see him?

Posted in Bug reports

There seems to be some issue with the crop plots randomly dying when you step away from them. One moment the progress bar is there, the next it's gone. Sometimes even when you have the mouse over them. Or is this a feature that crops don't always germinate and grow?