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Thanks! Exactly the vibe I was looking to achieve!

Amazing game, love the visuals and the music, please make this a full game. Best Mini jam game.

Really enjoyed the use of pausing here, and overall I just love the game and how it looked, even though I usually don't enjoy tycoons, well done sir!

Hello! That's exactly what I was looking to achieve! About the pause being on a timer, I've tried to implement it but ran out of time, hopefully if I ever make a sequel it'll be added there. Thanks for the comment!

Hey! You press Enter at the start and again to skip the intro, after that, you use the mouse cursor to move around an overgrowing circle and try and collect the 3 gems of the stage.

Hope that clears the confusion!

- Twister

Hi, thanks a bunch for the feedback! When I tested the game with some friends the forth level was a little harder, the pacing in difficulty is a little "jumpy" in this game, mainly because of the small amount of levels I managed to make,  I look forward to improving this in future projects. 

Thanks again for the feedback, I would like to play your game too soon! 

- Twister

Added a patch for stopwatch / level, my friends enjoyed competing for times on levels.