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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year, I quickly threw together a cute little platformer called Cold Turkey. It was such a hit (over a dozen views! :P ) that I decided to create a sequel, Cold Turkey 2!

Compared to the original, it's got an entirely new level, twice the number of enemies, new artwork and music. There's also a fun little secret hidden in the map. :)

It's currently a demo (beta) version right now, but will be officially completed by Thanksgiving. Until then, feedback is appreciated! 

I'm so glad you like my game! :D

The best clues I could come up with are given by the glowing books found around the map (like the 3 in the barn). There are 12 in the main area (in front of the barn), and 16 total. Did you find them all?

Crouching is just to walk more slowly. It's not important for completing the game. :)

You didn't mention the campfire, so I will tell you that it's very important to reaching the 2nd area!

Have fun! :D

Another possibility is that the game data and room version are not supported.

Bitsy3D currently only supports Bitsy version 7.10 and room format 1. You may have some luck just manually changing the version of these values in your game data file.

Also, make sure you're using the game data export and not the actual HTML game itself. :)

What is the error?

Are you using Windows? I don't have the ability to test on Windows so it may not work there at all.

You can also rename the game data file to "game.bitsy" and leave it in the same folder as the game itself. It should then load it automatically.

Good to know!

Same just happened to me. Is there a way to restart a level on command? I tried ESC and other keys, but no luck.

Interesting! Perhaps I should stop time while the book text is displayed, so players can take their time and read carefully without worry.

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Thank you for the feedback! :)

Direction is given through books containing short messages, which are self-illuminating, and several are present in the starting area of the game. The hope is that the player will search for more books, and in doing so, learn more about what's happening and gain a feel for the environment (though it is very dark, in fairness).

I will try to make the starting area a bit more informative so that this can be better understood by new players.

Edit: Forgot to say, your game looks great, but I don't have any Windows system to play it myself.

Last year, I created a spooky little horror game called The Wanderer which I don't believe anyone has ever completed.

I'm considering updating the game a bit. I want to add some new clues to give the player more direction, and make the game a bit more forgiving overall, but I would definitely appreciate some feedback before I dive back in.

Please try it out and let me know how you think it could be improved. :)



I sent you a friend request. :)

Thanks for the message! I haven't developed in Unity (C#) in several years, so I probably wouldn't feel confident joining a team right now, but I wish you the best of luck in finding a developer for your project. :)

I am still available if there are any teams in need of a Godot developer. :)

Do you have a full game development team with artists, musicians, designers, writers, etc., and just need a(nother) developer to help bring it all to life?

If so, I am very interested in joining your team. I would love to develop in an environment where there is an existing vision and assets like game objects, character models, and more are already in the works.

Tell me about your team and project, and share your Discord handle, and I will contact you if I think it sounds like a good fit. :)

Thanks! Great job on the game, by the way. :)

Interesting! I'm sure it's doable to support the higher resolution Bitsy games. My initial roadmap only includes supporting official Bitsy features, though I would love to extend support to some of the more popular Bitsy hacks at some point as well. I'll have to make a note to include the 16x16 version as well. :D

Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it. :)

I would most likely allow a specific key (perhaps `ESC` or `End`) to quickly return to the game file loading scene to make it more convenient to load a new Bitsy game file.

I have a lot of work to do to support all of the dialog functions (especially variables and somewhat arbitrary code execution!). I would gladly do the work if there is enough interest in the project, but so far, that doesn't seem to be the case.

I'm not sure what would happen if the a 16x16 Bitsy game were loaded in! In my experience, most unexpected game data causes the game to crash, but you could always try and see what happens. :D

Placing the game file within the app is an option meant for later bundling, but I'm not able to reproduce the issue with the drag'n'drop method in macOS.

As for the view, 2D is the default view, you can switch between two other 3D views using the number pad. This is described on the game page itself, but sorry for not making it clearer. :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Relatable content right here! :D Very nice job. I enjoyed this a lot.

I finally won on hard difficulty! 😂

Amazon same-day shipping:

The Wanderer

This is a game I made for Halloween earlier this year. It's subtle and creepy, and does not hold your hand.

As far as I'm aware, no one has solved the mystery yet. Feel free to give it a shot! :D

Enjoy the monochromatic art style, unravel the short story, and discover clues to help guide you toward the "good end"!

Please keep it up! They really resonate with me, and I also find them very inspiring. :)

Right in the feels. D:

This is really, really cool. Thank you for sharing it!

I really enjoyed this game. It brings hard truths and teaches a valuable life lesson. Fantastic work!

Typical Clarence! :D

Very cute game. Nice job!

Very cute! I enjoyed exploring the area and finding all starlight clovers. I was happy to see Misty get some treats for her hard work. :D

Relatable content right here. :) Very nice job.

Bitsy3D turns any Bitsy game into a 3D adventure! Just drop in your Bitsy game data file and off you go!

This is a prototype with plenty of useful features planned for the future, assuming people are interested. So feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

Thank you! There is one enemy - a hungry human who runs back and forth on the lower level. :D

I really enjoyed this! Short and sweet. And takes me back to the NES days when, ironically enough, games were all released as full versions. :D

This is why I don't fish. :D

Fun game! I think I ran into a small glitch. I'm able to fly around the map while holding items if I drop them on top of other items. :D

I can't play because I don't have Windows, but I watched the YouTube video and really enjoyed it. Definitely laughed at the end!

Nice work! :D

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"i am gravity" is a short interactive fiction game which takes an honest look at the issue of control in a chaotic and uncaring universe.

It's also my first Bitsy game! Reviews and feedback are welcome in the game's comment section. :D

Play the game!

I think I tried every wrong path before discovering the finish. :D

Nice job!

Very clever!

I made it to the end! Sneaky. :D