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Are you on a planet that uses GC (Akra)? because if you aren't, your not going to see a difference. Unless it's a bug idk.

If your in a fight, you can inspect your partner and it will show you their stats.

Could you be more specific? Who exactly are you trying to corrupt?

Do you have the word of power achievement? I think when you get that your only able to utter his name. 

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He's not in the game for now. He's getting reworked.

It seems complete to me. The dom and sub scenes are around the same length. (9 passages for dom 8 for sub). What were you hoping to happen?

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I'm sorry but, what are you saying? Were you hoping you could make Ferro your master?

You were never able to do that in the game but you can submit to him when you tease him as your companion. And for the sex scene, are you talking about the scene when you tease him. or the sex scene in ending? cause I think the ending has the longest sex scene in the game. Could explain further?

I've played this game from both the pure and corruption routes and I got to say this game is just awesome in both routes. I also like to add that I'm glad you guys added spiders and moths into the game as well. A lot (and I mean a lot) of furry (or should I say scalie in this case? games tend to never add any anthro insects to their games so I'm glad to see them getting some love. I'm excited to see more.

Jeez, sorry that happened. I hope the devs fix this.

Copying my my comment from before: "Your going to have do the casino if you want the money. Just pick the highest option and save before an attempt and load back to the save if you don't get any money back."

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Is there a guide to where you can go to find certain materials  because I'm looking around for the materials you need for orc ale and I can't find them.

The combat got updated so now moves take time to activate and during that time your enemy can attack you. Try getting some achievements, they'll get you stronger and make you level up quicker

I just wanted to say, I love the new combat system your trying out right now. Can't wait too see who else we can bring into fights.

Your going to have do the casino if you want the money. Just pick the highest option and save before a attempt and load back to the save if you don't get any money back.

Cheats are only available for patron members. The dev accidentally uploaded the patreon version on itch.

You just need to wait a few days without gaining corruption for it too decrease. But if your over 2000 corruption then your kind of stuck.

You can have sex with him but otherwise currently, no. You can't (sadly) get with Nameless.

It's a 20% chance for it too be taken off if you got it from rylan. But if you get it from Asmodeus you just ask him and it's get taken off. But that reduces his friendship.

You need to use the Growth potions to level up the slime.

Did you download the newest free build 7.10? Cause there's more content with him if you downloaded it

Same, just same.

I'm ok with Human anatomy since you do kind of need that in order to well...have sex. But yeah I would love to have so more non-human characters without human faces.

If you didn't figure it out yet. When your on the trip. You need to to click "Ignore it" when the option comes up.  then when your at the mine. 

You need to successfully (the option comes up if you go to him) protect Dulrig (submitting works too if the golems are at high lust) then you need to eat Dulrig out 2 times but no more than that. I had problems with it too so don't worry.

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To be blunt, When you gain ego and if you have a cock, then your cock gets bigger. If you drink a ego potion and you don't have a cock, you get one. You can get more ego by picking more aggressive options before starting a battle and winning.

No one knows what really happens if you choose to serve with nameless other than a hot sex scene. But just choose what you feel is right.

Version 7.9 is gonna have more bind content. If you wanna see just look here

There isn't a way to rename your character but the idea of naming your character Kadan is nice lol

I mean the description does say "Get dominated by monsters" so unless your into being a submissive top Idk if that's going to be included

Guide here:

Have you tried Lustful Desires by any chance?

Increasing respect makes you more dominant in sex scenes if you are a top or bottom. So yes you'll become a power bottom if you choose to increase respect.

If you don't mind Aliens there's a game called Lust Odyssey that's similar to this game, I highly recommend it!


Oh ok, thanks!

You should have an option to do so, at least I did


Hey, So I finished the "Stealing Steel" quest and gave the bag of steel to rohan and then told the bandits the truth and then the bag of steel choice goes away in forest area. But for some reason after going to a different area and going back the choice comes back for some reason.

Ik this was late but the votes can be weird sometimes but these votes here were actually fair considering the person above was insulting the update schedule for no apparent reason. People have lives outside of making updates to a porn game and insulting people like that is just ignorant and inconsiderate.

Oh yeah you can't add him as a companion as sub at moment, wish you could though

You can though? all you have to do is pick the correct dialogue choices for the imp