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i'm sorry I have no idea what you're talking about


I was very confused, and once I figured it out I found out I could win by nonstop spamming the space bar. It's a cool concept, and kind of fun, but I couldn't figure out any sort of good strategy. 

We'll be adding more enemies in the future, thanks for the idea!

Also "only one screen."

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playable in browser

The bomb enemies were added at the very end of development, so they got almost no playtesting. We'll look into making the bomb enemies a little more dangerous. Congratulations on getting higher than everyone else so far! I'll add your record to the description (:

Idk I couldn't really see how it fit the theme till I read some of the comments

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Sorry about the sound, we added it in at the very end and didn't have time to scale it. The way we imagine the game being is that you become trapped in a very claustrophobic arena after you've placed so many walls, hence the name "Wallstrophobia."  Therefore, we most likely won't be adding an infinite arena, unless we decide to add more game modes. The enemy spawn rates still need to be tweaked, but our plans to avoid forced deaths due to too many walls is to have a lot more bombs spawning after a while so you can blow your way out.

The problem with adding an undo button  is that it would remove the arcade-like feel of trying to get the highest score, because you would be able to just fix any errors you made, and it wouldn't be a challenge anymore. Maybe we'll make different difficulty ratings (easy having an undo button, hard not having one.) Or maybe a practice mode with an undo button. 

I hope you understand where we're coming from, and why some of these things can't really be changed. Thanks for the criticism though, it's always appreciated! 

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Really cool idea. the yo-yo feels awkward to use, and it feels like what I want to do never actually happens. the mechanic gets expanded on very well, though. For some reason I feel like this game might have been better served a a metroidvania, but maybe that's just me. good job!

Was it a ghost enemy? the enemy types are in the description.

oh, that makes sense.

A really fun casual excuse to play some good arcade games. Too bad it doesn't fit the theme super well. I mean, it does, but not a lot. Good job, very original

This is a really cool concept, but I ran into some "fairness"issues.

For one, sometimes the pot's attacks would come in too quick of succession for me too see them coming.

for another, the hitboxes were too large.

lastly, the damaging phase starts a little before the animation and lasts a little past the animation.

other than that, it's a fun (yet repetitive) game. good job!

Shhh don't tell anyone that the ghosts being underneath the blocks is a glitch

Sorry, we didn't have time to program a title screen or anything like that, Assuming that's what you meant. But it's on our patch list, so stay tuned for future updates!

Really fun and satisfying to play. it's a good concept, but it really sucks that there couldn't be any sound. I think it would really improve the game feel.

I can't think of any major criticisms  other than the spear hitbox could be better.

great job!

A really cool concept that unfortunately doesn't get expanded on as much as it should have. the boss was really frustrating, as were the levels if you had to keep retrying them (like I did because I suck.)

This game does have good sound effects and game feel though, and it fits the theme very well.

all around, it's worth a play.

What the fuck.

I don't even know what to say.

This is amazing.

I wish i could have seen what the ending was but I was curious to see what would happen if I went back to the main menu (to see if it ended thomas's pain) but nothing happened and it removed my progress. It sounded boring to go back and redo everything, so I didn't. Really good game though!

So i'm kind of conflicted here.

on one hand, this is the best game I've played in this jam so far. the sound effects are amazing, the screen shake is perfect, the graphics are beautiful, the level design is immaculate, and the concept is purely amazing. The feel it gives when you figure out an out-of-the-box solution is great. The two genres med together perfectly. The whole game was super fun to play and is on my list of must plays for this game jam.

on the other hand, it really doesn't fit the theme.  Like at all. My philosophy for fitting the theme is that the game should only benefit from fitting the theme. in this case, I believe that the lack of having more than one platform as an added game mechanic in later levels does this game a huge disservice. It's not the only game I've seen having this issue. in fact, i'd say my game suffers from it, too. It's hard to come up with a game that really fits the theme.

Also, there's really nothing connecting this game to the theme, also. Sure, there's only one platform, but I had to go check the description to see how it fit the theme, because I couldn't figure it out.  It just feels distant from the theme, like it was an idea that was formed first, then made to fit the theme, rather than having the theme and forming it into a game. (jesus, that sounded super pretentious. sorry.)

But this game deserves all the praise I've given it. it's truly amazing. It just suffers from one flaw, that's all. This game deserves to be in Mark's video. maybe not as an actual winner, but definitely as an honorable mention. 

I had a fun time with this game! A lot of those glitches were really inconvenient, but I understand there's not much you can do. oh well. I love the art and aesthetics! they look really good!

one complaint i have is that the undo button can't undo multiple times. that would have made a lot of the puzzles a bit more... "fun"... to solve. on that note, it feels like a lot of the same puzzle is being repeated too many times. like at the beginning you shouldn't have to throw the hammer and spring jump up 3 times in a row, there's no reason for it. 

but other than that, it was a great game! I can definitely see this game getting polished up and being released as a full game!

Yeah, we've gotten the controls complaint before. It's on our list of post-jam fixes to add reconfigurable controls. Sorry you had that issue. Thank you for the compliments though!

Really fun! I had a good time playing it, once I figured out what to do.

My only complaints are:

1. the music/sound effects are too loud. the error sound fucking jumpscared me every time i heard it.

2. It's kind of unclear what to do. maybe it's just me but i had no idea what i was supposed to do until I asked.

3. It doesn't really fit the theme. it doesn't incorporate the theme into the core game design very well.

but overall, it was fun and engaging!

Thanks! Fixing the difficulty/enemy balance is already on our grocery list of things to add when the jam ends, but thanks for the advise anyway!

This is a really fun and addicting game that feels like it would be perfect as a mobile game time-waster (and I mean that in the best way possible.) it feels really good to play, and the animations and sound effects fit the idea really nicely. The first time the room started to move i was genuinely surprised. (i  don't typically like to look at the previews.) it was like "oh, that's what this game is!"

I do have a few complaints though. It takes a bit too long to get to the harder parts, and the spinning part is a bit too easy.

my other complaint is that it doesn't really fit the theme very well. I mean I get how it does, but the game feels like it doesn't run with it. (mine doesn't either though soo...)

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I'm happy you had fun! yeah, the adherence to the theme is definitely the weakest part. We didn't focus on that as much as we probably should have, but oh well, it's too late now. You can expect some graphical overhauls after the jam is over and we update the game, so stay tuned! 

Really cool idea! It really feels like one of those flash games where you try to get the highest score by getting combos (like "10 bullets.")

my only issue is that because there are so many enemies and your movement speed is so low, it makes it hard and inadvisable to try to pick it up again. this is only worsened by the momentum mechanic, where (or at least it seems) that some enemies can only be killed by having the ball bounce off enemies and walls to build up speed. Maybe it would be better if instead of having the ball be picked up again, it could instead become deadly and make you need to dodge it.

great job, though!

Glad you had a good time! thanks for the praise. I thought it was fitting the theme pretty well, but I see understand your point about how it doesn't run with the theme. I would say that i'l fix it after the jam is over, but then there would be no point because it no longer has a theme to fit to.

Definitely a good concept. The controls were a bit strange at first.I would have liked to have wasd controls for movement, but the right click button started to feel natural after a bit of playing. I noticed some jerkyness when i was moving around, where the player would start/stop frequently and make the movement awkward, but I think it might have just been a problem with my mouse. The movement also felt way to slippery.

  The distance of the camera sometimes frustrated me,  it sometimes felt like I would move away from an enemy only to be greeted by an enemy I couldn't have seen coming because it was off-screen. I feel like this game would have been a bit better if it was a little bit closer to a top-down game. On this topic, the reload times and movement speeds for the enemies were to high. with such a small arena, and so many enemies piling up on you constantly, it can be hard to kill an enemy and get to a new weapon in time before they were on top of you. this, paired with the fact that sometimes your weapon takes a second too long to disappear after you finish firing, caused the majority of my deaths.  It doesn't help that it can be very hard to tell what time of gun an enemy has, and that weapons take like 5 seconds to hit the ground after being dropped by an enemy.

Maybe it would break the flow of the game, but maybe having a punch attack that knocks enemies back when you have no weapon would have solved a lot of these problems. Also multiple hit points would help.

It was also a bit awkward to have the dodge roll mapped to the scroll wheel, it just didn't feel right. I think having it mapped to to the space bar.

The background art was a bit disorienting, and the slightly see-through walls and floor through me off. It made it harder for me to discern what exactly was going on on screen.

other than those complaints, it was fun! the idea was cool and it was definitely an original concept. I wouldn't say it was great, but it was certainly good.

finally, why, oh why, did you have to go and make me re-download WinRar? like i'm serious, was there an actual reason? I'm curious because none of the other games I've played for the game jam have been rar files, and it was a large inconvenience.

Thanks! Once the jam is over we'll be sure too add reconfigurable controls.

Thanks for the feedback! we'll be sure too add that to the list of things to change when the jam finishes.