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Gates and Logic

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Saw you post this on a game dev thread in /v/, and holy shit, is it relevant to my interests.

HAving that said, GODDAMn you make me work for the 'levels.' I need to try again later, but I couldn't get past level 4. AND I KNOW things get more 'intense' after level 4.

Your webm on /v/ showed as such.

I'm really looking forward to progress on this game.

Cute game! I like the character designs so far, but feel like the controls are a bit difficult to get used to.

It's pretty cute, and it controls well.

for a while I was going to critisize it for being too easy, then it showed me up.

i think that's the biggest issue so far. I really have to rethink or adjust how attacking enemies works. Thanks for the feed back!

To get the boobs back edit the text file

on Windows %UserProfile%/.prefs/SorcellerieSortie

on Linux and OS X ~/.prefs/SorcellerieSortie

find the tag "trap" and change it's value to false.

PROTIP you can also fuck around with your scores, volume levels, and even keybinds here.

I intended to make an options screen, but got too lazy.

Hahahaha! I was wondering who the first to comment on "Trap mode" would be!

When the game is first run there's a 50% chance of being a boy!

it may be hard to see, but there's even a crotch buldge.

I liked customizing the dude, and playing with the different weapons.

Pumpkins are deadly, but running away from their shock wave killed me faster than taking the shock wave full on.

More sound effects would have added a lot to the game.

Nice controbution to the jam.

It looked really cute and innocent and then started screaming at me.

I have to way, I didn't expect the screaming.

otherwise the gameplay was fun, and music was catchy.

It also worked perfectly under WINE on linux.

Pretty cute, the music is catchy, and it runs perfectly under WINE on linux.

Alloyed brings up from strong points, but it's a competent game.