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One more thing.... trying to kill the guys at the "boss" hoideouts is like pulling teeth. Not sure what Im doing wrong. Boss "A" I sneak up to the cliff side to pick off the guards, get one shot in with the sniper rifle and they turn to fire on me with perfection....Not sure what or if Im doing something wrong.

Also, cannot see just how much ammo I have as it doesnt show up in inventory...

Ashore community · Created a new topic BluePrints...

Bought the game a few days ago and enjoying it. However, I buy a blueprint, check to see what I need for mats to build it, go to my storage to get mats and when I go to nech to build it, the blueprint is gone....

Unzipped the 64bit version to root drive C:\ and it works perfectly! Thanks again for the help bluesaka111!

The game is working perfectly since I unzipped it to my root  C: drive.....This is one fo the best little survival games I have played! You should really think about getting this on Steam, it can def compete with other survival games like "Oxygen not Included" and "Dont Starve"! Hell, this game is more fun than bigger 3D titles like Conan Exiles!
Looking forward to seeing where development leads this title! Well done!

UPDATE: I re-DLed the 64bit version. Moved it to my root drive (C:\) and now it works! No Avira problems! It works!

Might want to add that the game needs to be installed (unzipped) to your root drive (C:\, etc) to get it to work!

Yeah, the (64bit) version wouldnt even fire up at all.... the 32bit version gets the antivirus problem, I try to whitelist it and then I get out of memory problem or something to that nature....

Im running Win 10 Home Premium, up to date. MSI FX990 gaming series MoBo. AMD FX6300 black box edition (6-core), AMD R9 380X 4GB, Corsair DDR3 1866 (16GB), Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200rpm HDD. All up to date on drivers. Up to date on all librarys for C++, etc.

Im going to try and move the folder to the C:\ drive as another poster suggested, I dont see how thats going to do anything but Ill give it a shot.

Ill check my email as a last ditch thing, I really dont want to play a older verison of the game as features or even content maybe missing. But I will keep it in mind if I cant get this to work somehow....If I do, Ill post what I did to get it to go....thanks.

PS: I work graveyard shift, 10 hours mon-thurs, off friday, sat and sun....Im only available between the hours of Noon to 2pm and form 3AM to 4AM EST....

Avira is picking it up as containing the pattern of "HEUR/APC (Cloud)" was blocked.

Ok, well, looks like the first Win version didnt work (I assume it was 64bit, but didnt say) So I DLEd the 32bit version and now Avira says its a virus....guess I should have paid the $3.00 first to make sure it worked before I donated $10....oh well.

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Mine is doing it as well....Avira is picking it up as containing the pattern of "HEUR/APC (Cloud)" was blocked.

I couldnt get the first Win 10 file to work (I assume it was 64 bit, but didnt say) so I DLed the 32bit version and now AVIRA says its a virus....guess, I should have paid $3.00 first to make sure it worked before I donated $10?

Watched a few "lets play" for this game and I was very interested to buy! I get to the page and notice its only $3.00? Underselling it a bit? The game looks ot be worth more, I donated more! Wish we had more developers like this as I have went through every steam title and none caught my attention for "survival" but this one! More casual it seems but a bit in depth....thanks, best of luck on the project!