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Lovely art style, smooth movement, great job guys :D

@Nikitakart interesting concept, I can see a lot of potential here keep updating this one Nikita

Thanks for trying the game @PaulsGames actually I intentionally made it like no matter on what side of the wall you are, left arrow will always take you down and right arrow will take you up

Thanks for playing @vogonCF

Fun and enjoyable,  I think you should definitely improve the art and sound effects and release a post-jam version would love to see that, overall good job @norcrel :D

Interesting concept, you should keep updating this one, would love to see a better version of this :)

@erodohet good concept, it was a bit hard for me to survive ^^! but anyways great job :)

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Thanks a lot @MiniMelonStudio , hope you will also keep working on your game too :)

@Deeperbiege Thanks for trying the game, by the way, I posted a video the ending is just showing people there is more into the game, I will keep working on the game after the jam :)

@Kirbynator I laughed so hard  XD reading this its actually happening, it destroys itself a bit late, by the way thanks for trying the game I will fix the issue after the jam :)

Thanks @ShapesshiftingRabbits for playing the game, I will surely work on you suggestion :)

Thanks @errol333 for trying the game, I will look into the problem

Great work guys, controls felt nice and smooth very nice key mapping too, I loved how soft body physics is working, interesting art too, overall very nice job :D

wow, it was interesting and unique, nice and very original concept, controls felt nice and smooth good work guys :D

@PaulsGames concept is good just giving art some more time would definitely make things more interesting, I love the fact that you have included two modes also it was really interesting to note that the ship which takes power-up would benefit the other one, it would have much more fun if I would have someone to play with me on co-op but overall good mate :D

Good game guys, great use of lighting its making things look more interesting, controls felt nice and smooth great job :D

Great work guys, the art looks clean, and nice is that the chain jam game is it made for the continuation. By the way great job :D

amazing work guys, I love how in second jump she rotates around herself its a simple thing but was making a big difference, overall good game :D

ok got it

@Chafmere cool game, I think using each other as platforms was a great addition, level designs were good too, great work man :D

Haven't found the real suspect yet, but one this is for sure this game is incredibly fun, challenging and interesting too, great job guys :D

@Pospec I will surely try some new changed, thanks for playing the game :D

Thanks man for trying it out :D

Thanks @CFHM for playing it :)

@NeatGames very clever game, beautiful art it looks very polished, I have a suggestion instead of using 1 or 2 why not use a single button which gives control between the two back and forth although its a suggestion overall very nice game dude :D

Thanks a lot @PitBull for trying the game :D

Thanks a lot @NeatGames for trying it out :)

@Xonha very neat and good idea, it was fun to figure which monsters make what, although I think 'R' should be used as the restart button it would have been more handy but it was still great overall I loved this game, you should keep updating it after the jam

@Deeperbiege it was fun, the art style was amazing, music and sfxs were not letting me leave the game, great job mate, hopefully, you will keep working on this one after the jam :D

@ChrisAP very interesting game, although I think if you will refine the art it would be great, I also noticed that the canvas was cut out the screen, maybe you can fix this after the jam, overall nice game

wow interesting game guys looks very polished and it was enjoyable, sfxs were good too, great job :D

@IslandWind nice game man, first RPG game I have played so far in this jam, it looks interesting I haven't finished the story yet I think I have finished half of it does it have a save system nice game by the way :)

@CozyCarrotCake I think its a great, I think needs a bit of a polish on the art side, also if camera could be a little zoomed out it would have been great, good work by the way :D

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wow, guys what a fun and enjoyable game, sound effects were good too, you should probably add some more levels, great jobs guys :D

Good game guys, I felt like the boom effect was a little too bright after playing it for a bit, but overall good concept :D

you did a great job, I like the concept, good level designs art style is also good although everything could become much better just by some simple refinements, overall good one :D

@_superHeated like the game and game idea, nicely executed too good one :D I got 274 was that bad ^^!

Great concept @CodingCricket, it was and a very interesting idea although I think you can make it much better by updating the art to make every area look different, overall great work mate :D

@I think the game is broken, although I believe you can definitely make something out of it :)