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Yeah, I just tested, will fix both of these.

Made a bunch of small fixes if you ever feel like retrying it. Still a lot of issues like holes in buildings and so on but most of the bugs you mentioned that break gameplay should have been fixed.

Any holes in buildings/cliffs and so on are because I only recently added 360 degree camera rotation. I either just missed that specific hole, or in the case of buildings it's just that I'll be remaking them anyway and figured there is no point in going over them to fix holes when I'll just remake them anyway.

Players not animating during cutscenes is just an oversight. I just forgot about that one specific thing and will fix it.

Mouse buttons aren't used to interact because they are used for combat. You should have gotten a weapon and armour before being able to leave the town but maybe didn't equip them. I can make it so dialog can be progressed with mouse clicks though.

The background to the post box changes based on letters you receive from different NPCs. I probably just forgot to set the default back to a generic looking paper after testing stuff out.

I'll probably change the blue arrows at some point. Probably have buildings with open doors when you can enter, and closed doors when not, but that is another thing that'll come when I remake the buildings. Probably will only use the blue arrows when an exit is not immediately obvious.

A lot of the buildings in town are either empty or cannot be entered yet because they're just not finished. Likewise the town probably seems empty because there are a lot of missing NPCs and certain things about it will change as you do things for NPCs (if you help the mayor at some point the flower beds will get flowers inside them and so on).

I'm not sure where you fell through the floor either, I'll see if I can find and fix it though.

I'll also fix a bunch of the small stuff you mentioned then try get the fixes uploaded later on today.

Thanks for testing anyway!

I want to make crafting better/more fun but I'm too small brained to come up with good ideas and implement them. You should however learn what ingredients do after finding and using a bunch of them (using them and failing teaches you a lot more about them). I'll think about a way of making it valid crafting combos more intuitive but again my brain isn't that big.

Also alcohol is forbidden! Too many drunk people causing way too much trouble!

You can run with the shift key! If you're using the space bar to move that is a dodge and uses a lot of stamina but gives iframes.

You can run by holding down the shift key!

I'll add some sort of option to toggle auto running on and off.

I will also add more bunnies that are easier to see!

I just tried it, and it works fine for me. But I just recompiled the game, added it to a new rar file and reuploaded it. So try it again, maybe it'll work this time.

If not it could be winzip that is the problem, I use winrar and it works fine.

Thanks for the feedback.

A lot of the "story" side of the game is unfinished and most needs reworking. I'll try to guide the player better once I get round to it but right now the "tutorial" should end at around day 5, you just got to sleep and what not to continue triggering it. I'll see what I can do about making this more obvious in the future.

Thanks! I've fixed those now and reuploaded the game.

Thanks for the feedback!

The NPCs having a small delay is due to the new pathfinding I use. I'm going to eventually go over all NPCs and give them better daily routines and dialog and it felt like a waste of effort to try fix this one small issue right now.

This is also what was causing customers to sometimes get stuck. I fixed it though.

I also made the shop automatically close when no more customers will visit (takes a few seconds after the last leaves).

As for the chests, blue require a key to open (boss drops it, every area has a boss that spawns under special conditions), red requires you to solve some kind of puzzle, and green will only open if you've opened all other chests in an area. The loading screen has tips on how to open chests and how to get bosses to spawn, but there will probably be hints from NPCs once I get round to it as well.

I'll see about improving the inventory too. And will also fix the bugs you mentioned.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'll see about making a toggle run button so you don't need to hold it. As for stamina, I don't remember if the game mentions it, but you can press X to sit down and restore stamina (slowly).

Biscuit doesn't really have much to say or do at the moment, later on she'll probably say something more. I've still got to get round to working on NPCs more.

I didn't make the music and don't know how to. It's just some free asset I found. Maybe one day I'll be rich enough to hire someone to make music for the entire game. But until then it's just not gonna be seamless.

I'll see about being able to change equipment with a full inventory. I forget why I originally made it that way, but I'm sure I can do something about it.

You should just be able to click and hold on the buttons to store items rather than manually click, but I think it goes a bit fast right now.

Some trees are more like walls that trees, you're not suppose to be able to walk through them. I need to make it more obvious but I'm not really sure how.

The pacing of the game is still something that I need to figure out. At the moment one half of the game is basically missing (NPCs and the reason to interact with them). I think once that is implemented things should feel a bit better.

As for stamina, you can press X to sit down and slowly restore it.

I'll look at some default settings for the first time the game is opened up as well. It's something I didn't even consider but should be easy to implement.

I was thinking about adding a "you picked up an item" message. I'll look into it for next time.

I'll look into improving walk animations too.

The mayor can't really introduce all the NPCs yet because they don't all exist. Once I've added more there probably will be some kind of "introduce yourself" type quest given.

Kind of the same deal with most NPCs and dialog at the moment. I've not worked on this part of the game for a long time so a lot of NPCs behavior and dialog just needs fixing, but I figure I'll work on this last and do it all at the same time to try and make everything more coherent rather than adding an NPC here and there over the span of several years and just forgetting what I did years ago with a specific NPC.

I think I see what the bug with talking to Osterwald was. It seems to trigger if you open the shop, close it, then go behind the counter to talk to him. I'll look into fixing it.

I'm also not sure how Unity handles saving files. At the moment the save file is just created in a save folder where the game is on your hard drive. I'm guessing running it out of a rar makes it so unity cannot create the folder or save files.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into fixing and improving on what you've mentioned.

I'll look into the disappearing pants bug, but I'm not able to reproduce it after trying many times. It could be due to a very specific combination of clothing that is causing it.

I'll also make the UI elements bigger during character creation. Making the UI scale to higher resolutions is something I'll eventually add.

While you're inside a house (or anywhere) you can control the camera with the middle mouse button. Scrolling is zooms in/out and clicking then dragging lets you rotate it.

I'm not sure how you used the spacebar to interact with a NPC. I will look into it but the key for that is definitely set to E right now. (But if you couldn't talk to her when she was sat down, you probably needed to take a step upwards)

The loading screen tips are only there is the loading screen is long. I don't really want to make loading take longer than necessary.

Everyone complains about the mayor so I'll do something about it eventually.

I'll see about making the mayors tour optional, but there is a map if you open the menu with tab then click the map button. And it does highlight all the points of interest.

I can speed up how fast items drop from enemies and enable picking them up sooner.

Oops, didn't realise the tutorial was bugged. Should be fixed now.

For me, the game idles at about 2-5% CPU usage. I mean, it's not optimized or anything but my computer isn't exactly amazing either. And an empty Unity project idles at like 1-2% CPU usage.

Obviously at some point I'll look into optimizing it, but I've had no performance problems on my computer which was only a mid range machine a good 4-5 years ago.

As for being stuck, not much I can do about that. If you ignore everything, including the tutorial what am I suppose to do? The game is still obviously largely unfinished, but all the important systems and the general objective of the game is explained. There is even a journal which explains what you need to do incase you forgot, but if you're not reading the intro you probably wont even know how to access that.

Most exits should have a big blue arrow that appears when you get near them because sometimes it isn't obvious something is an exit. If an exit doesn't have one, it's probably just something I forgot to add.

The same applies to being able to close menus by pressing ESC. Most menus can be exited by pressing ESC but there is a few I probably forgot because there is just that many menus now and it's hard to keep track of everything.

Being able to evade with Q is an old feature that I haven't looked at for a while. Either I'm going to look at and fix it at some point, or I'm going to remove it.

I can add a run toggle easily enough.

Footstep sounds are just a minor feature that's a major pain to implement. At some point I might look more into it, but for now it's just something so small it's not really worth the effort.

Plants flying everywhere when you harvest them is more fun than them just going straight to your inventory.

I'll add a map at some point. The world is still unfinished and it seems pointless to try and map it out when I'll have to constantly go back and make changes to it.

If the game was using a lot of your CPU it's probably because you changed the setting to low or very low. These disable Vsync which lets the game run at a billion FPS.

The dialog sound probably sounds bad because of this.

If the chat bubble is going off screen it's because you used a resolution smaller than what the game will support when I get round to adding graphical settings. I've tried it on 1280x720 and the chat bubble never goes off screen, and that'll probably be the smallest resolution I'll allow in the future.

When you say mouse rotation, I assume you mean rotating the camera, which isn't something I intend on adding. At most I might add the ability to slightly rotate the camera a few degrees before it snaps back to it's original rotation.