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Thanks for playing!  I really appreciate the feedback, I love the idea of bouncing lasers to trigger platforms.  Thanks again, it was awesome to see you play through.

Oh man, this was awesome, thanks for playing!  You have some really great general insights on game design, I'm excited to watch more of your streams.  Thanks again :)

Thanks!  I wish there were too, I had to cut scope quite a bit towards the end, but that's game jams.  Thanks so much for playing and giving feedback!

I fought through the pain ... and it was worth it.  Quite the epic quest 


I appreciate you playing, I was worried it wasn't going to be challenging enough, glad you got the hang of the controls.  Thanks!

Thanks, I appreciate that, thank you for playing!

Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

Thanks Dragon's Breath!  I appreciate the feedback, and thanks for playing :)

Im curious if there will be a theme as well

Thanks for playing!  Yeah, I ran into some issues with file size right before submission and wasn't able to shrink it in time, lots of assets.  I really appreciate the feedback

Thanks Torri!  I would like to make a fuller hand drawn game :)

Really cool take on pong, it gets hectic and really challenging, I really enjoyed the shrinking paddles and trying to get them back up :)

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I love the visual style and the animations.  I could only shoot in one direction which made things pretty difficult, but overall I really enjoyed playing!

Edit, I did figure out the shooting, user error :)

Thanks so much for checking the game out!  I'm sad you didn't get to use the rewind mechanic, I should have made it more obvious, but you can rewind by holding down the space bar.  Anyway, again, thanks so much, the video was really great, and you got a new sub on YouTube :)

Hey guys,

Just released my Weekly Game Jam 50 submission.  This week I focused a bit on a different art style as I went mainly hand drawn, but the game "glitches" into pixels later.  That said, the game ended up being shorter than I wanted.  Check it out and I'd love feedback!

thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you checking it out. 


Hey all, I'm new to game dev/design and looking for as much feedback as I can get.  I just submitted to the weekly game jam with Hecate's Revenge, thanks in  advance for checking it out!

oh man, thanks so much for checking it out, I really appreciate it :D

Super cool art, I love the intro too.  Really nice touches.

I friggin' love this!

Oh man, so good, I love this game.