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Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

Thanks Dragon's Breath!  I appreciate the feedback, and thanks for playing :)

Im curious if there will be a theme as well

Thanks for playing!  Yeah, I ran into some issues with file size right before submission and wasn't able to shrink it in time, lots of assets.  I really appreciate the feedback

Thanks Torri!  I would like to make a fuller hand drawn game :)

Really cool take on pong, it gets hectic and really challenging, I really enjoyed the shrinking paddles and trying to get them back up :)

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I love the visual style and the animations.  I could only shoot in one direction which made things pretty difficult, but overall I really enjoyed playing!

Edit, I did figure out the shooting, user error :)

Thanks so much for checking the game out!  I'm sad you didn't get to use the rewind mechanic, I should have made it more obvious, but you can rewind by holding down the space bar.  Anyway, again, thanks so much, the video was really great, and you got a new sub on YouTube :)

Hey guys,

Just released my Weekly Game Jam 50 submission.  This week I focused a bit on a different art style as I went mainly hand drawn, but the game "glitches" into pixels later.  That said, the game ended up being shorter than I wanted.  Check it out and I'd love feedback!

thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you checking it out. 


Hey all, I'm new to game dev/design and looking for as much feedback as I can get.  I just submitted to the weekly game jam with Hecate's Revenge, thanks in  advance for checking it out!

oh man, thanks so much for checking it out, I really appreciate it :D

Super cool art, I love the intro too.  Really nice touches.

I friggin' love this!

Oh man, so good, I love this game.