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Color Blasters

Color Blasters

Cooperative color blasting shooter!

Color blasters is a 1-4 player shooter that REQUIRES cooperation to succeed

  • Each player is assigned a color
  • Each enemy is also assigned a color with some enemies having colored shields as well
  • Players can only damage enemies/shields of the same color
  • Run over switchers in the corners of the maps to change your color
  • Work together to achieve the highest scores!

Currently the gameplay is polished but the game is missing sounds/music so if anyone would like to create some sound or music for the game just let me know!

Sorry man, but I can't just give away my game's code

Zombie shooting madness!!!

Gunfectionator is an arcade style zombie shooter designed for 1 to 2 players. Fight against harder zombies the longer you survive until you die... YOU WILL DIE!!!

  • Fight through hordes and hordes of zombies!
  • Find weapons to increase your zombie-slaying powers!
  • Destroy zombie graves to increase your score combo!

This game was created for The Dream Arcade Archive game jam! It still has a little more polishing required but it's definitely playable and a lot of fun especially with a friend!



Hmmm... I haven't tested with firefox. Try running it with chrome or another browser. Or try the downloadable version.

Thanks a lot! And it really is a lot more fun with a couple friends to play with!


No, but I figured it would be extremely difficult to control if you had to try to aim as well. The multiplayer is designed to work with controllers, I just added the 2 player keyboard support as a last resort.

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Okay, just fixed that. Thanks for pointing that out!

Just added 2-player keyboard support today! Unfortunately, it looks like most keyboards have a limit on how many simultaneous keys can be pressed so it might not work correctly on all keyboards.

Okay. I just added 2-player keyboard support. Unfortunately, it looks like some keyboards only allow for 2 or 3 simultaneous keys to be pressed so it may not work as intended. Feel free to give it a shot though!

Bummer, I am gonna try to add 2 player keyboard support soon. Hopefully you can try it then!

You need to plug in controllers (xbox 360 controllers work best) and press a button on them to join.

Thanks! Glad you like it.

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Draw your brawler and send them off to battle!

Doodle brawl is a button mashing brawler inspired by stick fight! The only playable characters are ones that YOU create!

  • Draw your brawlers!
  • Join with up to 5 players on one screen!
  • Fight to be the last one standing!

Several of the crazy guns in the game are...

  • Laser Pistol
  • Bullet Hell Cannon
  • Cluster Launcher
  • Supernova
  • Fireworks Gun
  • And many more!

Feel free to give it a try at

Any feedback is appreciated!