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No, I mean like having a world map that has a built in capability to have buttons/links that can be clicked to show a town map, a dungeon map, or a forest map. Then, within those sub maps, you could have maps for buildings(Taverns, inns, houses, etc.) or lower floors. Maybe collaborating with another developer like Azgaar to create such a program would be worthwhile. I'm just suggesting a wider possible use. 

You could set it up to use an HTML file, like the ones generated by donjon's Random Dungeon Generator

One thing that I wish map generators would have is a tool that lets the user create multiple maps connected to each other. Like a world map. It doesn't have to be one application, but you could make it so that I could import several maps that have already been generated and set up a world map that manages roads and rivers. 

I have actually started using this tool for my own campaign. A feature I would love to see is more customization. Also, if it was a one time payment, I would totally buy it. Thanks so much, I wouldn't have a campaign without you!