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Sinceramente, o que salva o jogo é a historia mais ou menos.

Jogo muito bom e bem viciante!!! Zerei numa noite só!

nah. My cell phone has already played heavier games. Of course my cell phone is weak but we've reached a level where a cell phone can run Call of Duty Warzone and Alien: Isolation

I thought the game was really cool and interesting, a short game with a good idea. I just wish I could play it on my phone...

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Que projeto foda! Eu nem acreditei quando eu vi o nome, eu vou divulgar o trabalho de vocês se vocês me permitir. Eu sempre gosto de ajudar e apoiar os trabalhos Brasileiros.

eu não vou poder jogar por causa que o meu coitado PC não aguenta, mas vou esperar uma versão mobile.

Eu quero desejar todo de bom e sorte para vocês.

Yes, i am. Sorry if I said shit

This is Game! very good game! great proposal and a sensational return from Jeff the Killer. 

my only criticism is that the game is short, I would like to see a long game from Jeff.

I'll be waiting for the mobile version if I can...

Review 9.6/10

I just know, that I didn't understand anything about that game there, massss! I'll take it like it's a trasher horror game. well, I'll wait for it to come out for mobile.

Review 5/10

Pensé que la propuesta era genial, el juego tiene muchos errores y el personaje se desliza mucho, pero creo que eso se debe a que está en el comienzo del desarrollo, por lo que no criticaré. Solo quiero desearte buena suerte.

I thought the game was good, it's a fan-made version of alternative watch but on the cell phone, I liked it, I just thought it lacked some rooms and a little more waiting for the abnormalities

I'm really enjoying it and finding it very satisfying! in the next update could you add a new language and subtitles in brazilian portuguese? and wanted to ask if in the future there will be pregnancy?

very good, I'm enjoying the game, in the next update could you add the language and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese?

Bite Size Terrors: see no FEAR is an atmospheric and short horror game that is very scary and bizarre at the same time, the atmosphere is totally well done, the game's setting being presented in a cold and direct way. oh my god what game is this. I want to see this on Mobile!

Review 9.8/10

In my humble opinion about this remade version of the shrek horror game.

 Good for a fuck.

 I'm dying to see this game on mobile! 

Review 10/10

Fear Inside Me is a short horror game developed by just one person, I liked the proposal and I understand that it is very difficult to make a game and even more alone.

 But I realized that this game lacked several things, like the sounds of objects and doors, the sound of the atmosphere of the place and a little more about the gameplay.

 Besides, I thought the game was cool and I wish the creator the best of luck in his next projects.

Review 6/10

September 7th is a really cool and fun short horror game to play on Friday afternoons, Saturday is Sunday!

I liked the way the story comes, the setting of the map and the world there is good, the visuals of the game are very interesting for an independent game.

I always encourage indie developers to share more of their horror games for mobile platforms, I know very well that it's hard and complicated to do this, but it's not impossible and it's totally possible.

I really enjoyed your work Emika Games and I always praise your efforts to bring a game of this level.

Review 9.8 / 10 😎🍷

Driving Home is a very atmospheric and real experience nowadays and terrifying to think about it.

 the story is excellent and very well crafted and I was very intrigued.

 This game on Mobile platforms is another insanely immersive experience, a small vision full of fear and tension all at the same time.

 I really liked it and I'm going to start following the dev.

Review 10 / 10 ❤

Garten of Banban is a childish horror game with reasonable puzzles for those who are used to this type of game.

 The game's story is similar to that of Poppy Playtime, it didn't pull me in or deepen my attention too much, it just feels like something random.

 The environment and graphics of the game until the end are very good, it performs well and sophisticated.

 Bottom line is, it'll try to convince you it's a good horror game, but... I don't know.

 Maybe it's just my freshness or silly, but the game has parts that I liked and others that I didn't like so much.

 I'm curious how this game will be on Mobile, there would be other positive vibes in the mobile market for sure.

Review 7 / 10 😉

Vanish Falls Overture is an investigation game with a dash of Thriller together, the story seems very interesting, its gameplay is very difficult and boring to control, the game didn't even have a problem on my cell phone, it doesn't have subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese , but I liked it too much!

 Review 9.5 / 10 ❤

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Fears to Fathom is one of the best horror games based on true events and I'll tell you why.

 Fears to Fathom is a game of choices and consequences too, its elements of choices that influence the story and events are very well used (unlike The Dark Pictures, which is totally wasteful)

 When the setting time is the soundtrack, it's no joke, there are times when you're going to be very scared and very tense, you don't know what or who you're up against.

 I really enjoyed all three episodes, my favorite is the second episode and it was also the scariest I got.

 I hope to see it for Mobile Platforms, I don't think it's difficult but it's also a little difficult for any developer to adapt a PC version to Mobile or recreate everything again only on Mobile.  But I will be waiting.

 I also wait for Episodes 4 and 5 etc.  I am very anxious and excited for the continuation!

Review 10/10 ❤

Meatly's Storage World is a good short horror game, it's clear that The Meatly never disappoints in showing something scary and terrifying.

 I loved the way horror is interpreted here and in such a fun and simple way.

 I really wanted to play this game on my cell phone, at least Mobile stores would have a fun horror game, right?

 If the game is still in development, even more things and more challenges!  I love hard games.

Review 10/10 ❤

The Big Update! LET'S GO!

Bucky's Grounds it's a very short survival horror game, I got that taste of wanting more, I found the game's story very interesting and how it managed to hook me like that, I also like how challenging the game is for players, I love games difficult and I think there should be more, the setting of the game intrigues players even more to continue and see what will happen.

however, I think it could have subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese, I know the dialogues are quite short but subtitles would help a lot, I hope to see Bucky's Grounds on Mobile platforms, a game like this on Mobile would be innovative. Grade 9.7 😘💣❤

Eu achei super interessante! Eu joguei e gostei demais, lembra muito o Bendy por causa da ambientação e os gráficos do jogo.

A história do jogo me chama a atenção cada vez mais quando eu estava jogando e me surpreendeu muito nas minhas expectativas.

Eu estarei no aguardo do lançamento na Google Play Store. E com certeza jogarei de novo na sua versão completa 😉👍

I was playing here on Easy and Normal difficulties, this mobile version is very good!

I hope you play recent versions of Saiko No Sutoka for Mobile 😎

i understand, thanks for reply 😊

Yes, I understand you, I recently played that other game of yours called Undiscovered House, I thought it was very good and thank you very much for the Brazilian Portuguese subtitles.  I look forward to the next games. 😎🍷

i understand, thank you for reply 😊👍

Hey Sysreb Games, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing Funeral to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

Hey Archille, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing i am not crazy to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

Hey Crux Game Studios, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing The Hospital to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

Hey vincent, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing Heartworm to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

Hey Powerhoof, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing Peridium to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

Hey Svinkersvon, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing Around the Bend to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

hey Rabbit Run Games, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing Interlude: Andalusia to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

Spring Rabbit, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing The House to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

Hey Calvin, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing Spin To Win to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

Habupain, Will it have more languages like the previous game?  Including Portuguese Brazilian