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It felt personal to me. Thanks for the game

I have never liked point and clicks until this game. Amazing. But, just in case, you could draw player's attention by adding a little bit more details to the interactive objects, so just the they could outstand from the scene a liiiiitle bit more. With love!

That's f u c k i n g GOLD

The OST is awesome!

me, first saw the game page: "hmm, this looks quite cute"
me, 30 minutes after: *all in tears, phoning grandma* (no joking)

Never the less, it seems that it's been a while since the game is out and I am happy I discovered the game on the website somehow, indeed! I really admire how neat the idea and how good the realization both are.


YEY! Thank you for your reply and for the review!

I published my game a few days ago, but I just discovered this action on the website, so here is my post.

An exposition of the story: you are an activated drone on an abandoned space station, trying to figure out things.

Well, basically the idea for the game was born from Isolation major jam, but, unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to accomplish the game in time (top 3 momentos bruh). But I really like the final result and I hope you will like it too.

Here is a link to the game!

I have built a Linux version! Could you please try it out, as I only tried to run it on VMware machine and it seems that it's impossible to install the required Vulkan driver to the virtual machine.
Please, let me know if this works.