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Interesting looking forward to more.

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I really like the idea of a platformer spelling game, and I think you've done a great job at executing it. It is very fun to play and there are some genuinely tense moments when you're just barely escaping from the bottom of the screen. I also like how the extra lives were implemented, they prevent the game from feeling too unfair and encourage frantic risk/reward decision making.

The effort you put into the audio is definitely something to appreciate. The sound effects all fit the theme and the music is very charming. Though the volume for the game is a little too low.

The game does have a few minor glitches, though. Sometimes you will get stuck in a wall when respawning or jumping above the top of the screen. Nothing too game-breaking but thought I would mention it anyway.

If you were to update this game in the future, I'd recommend adding a highscore feature. Other than that, it feels very complete!

In short, this game is inventive and a lot of fun.

Hey, thanks for playing!

I'm sorry about the difficulty problems... If I were to update this game in the future, how do you think I should fix that? Maybe adding difficulty settings?

You mean ideas for our games or ideas for the jam? If it's the latter then I'd highly recommend opening a Discord server.

I played the game and decided I'd leave a quick review:

The gameplay is fun and easy to get the hang of. It's pretty basic but I enjoyed being able to lay catnip around the level. The bombs may be a little bit overpowered, as I found myself killing most of the cats on my third play-through.

The controls are explained right before starting the game, leaving me with no confusion as to what I was doing. This is great because anybody can load the game up and know how to play.

I appreciate the different level backgrounds, it adds a bit more variation to the levels. Most of the backgrounds are good, however the final one is a little disorienting.

The art did it's job presenting a cute and fun environment, as did the sounds. I'm not sure what to think about the Kevin Macleod music. It never really got annoying because the current song changes depending on the level, and because the game is quite short. The little mouse moving around in the title and credit screens is a nice touch, as with the splash-screen.

Overall, this game is simple but fun. The only real issue I had was that pressing the escape key would return me to the main menu, as apposed to pausing the game. It didn't really bother me that much because the game is short.

I enjoyed this game a lot.

The gameplay is quite fun. It's always a joy when you get that "ahah" moments in adventure games, and I definitely got it here.

The controls are very easy to understand. The custom cursor and the text that appears when you hover over an object helps a lot. My only real problem is that the inventory is a little hidden. I know you explained how to get to it on the game page, but it's always nice to say it again inside the game itself.

The art is awesome and the music is enjoyable. The game is very well presented, and I like how it has a custom splash screen and a custom cursor.

Overall, the game is fun. It's a little short but still very enjoyable. If you were update this, the only thing I would recommend adding is an indicator of where the inventory is.

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Created a new topic Theme?

Will there be a certain theme to base our games on (besides having to make it have an animal playable character)?

What is to stop people from starting making their games now?

Great little game :)

That rule seems a bit restrictive. I mean, Goat Simulator isn't very realistic but it is still an amazing game.

Thanks for replying :)

This is the theme: The theme is: Swords OR Shields! Feel free to use one, but not the other.

What does that mean? Does that mean the game can only have a Shield or a Sword and not both, or does it mean that the player can only use one of them at a time?

That's cool. Yeah you would only ever use a while statement if you want a lot of different things to happen in one step.

May I ask what the game is you're working on?

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Created a new topic Can start?

Can I start before the Jam begins?

Created a new topic Yo

I understand that you have to make everything for this game jam, but if I make assets for my game jam game, can I use it in future projects?

This is deep, man.

Genius. Pure genius.

Replied to MMM in Game discussion

Cool. I use GameMaker: Studio and have been working on my own level editor recently.

Saving is a little weird. I use ini files for saving and loading levels.

I liked your game, by the way :

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What game engine do you use?

Definitely get this if you're into this stuff. 10/10

I'm twisting the 'Only Move Right' rule to the extreme, in a game where, there is no left movement....

I think he meant a system like the original Super Mario Bros, where you can move right, but if you move left you are blocked by the edge of the screen.

But, as he said, you can twist this rule in whatever way you feel best suits your game.

Thanks man. I've been looking for a good gif recording software. I wish you luck with your game.

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Nice game. Was wondering what you use to record gifs. Cheers, Jack.

Nice game. I like the idea and the graphics are nice. However, the controls are a little painful, but I can imagine on iPad it would be a lot nicer.

Nice game. I like the idea and the graphics are nice. However, the controls are a little painful, but I can imagine on iPad it would be a lot nicer.

Nice game. Fun to play and nice to look at.

Funny and cool game, helped to inspire me to keep making games :