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This game is awesome! I love how it's small, but really addictive. And the world is cute and reminds me of a mobile adventure game! Good job!

This is an awesome game. The physics are really fun to play with and work out, the task system is easy to understand, and the magnet is awesome! Can't wait to finish all the levels! And the atmosphere is great too! (Thanks for having all platforms, even mobile)

This is an amazing game! Really reminds me of doom. I love the aesthetic, and all the controls are really well mapped and the xbox control isn't bad at all. Would love to see more.

First off, I LOVE the professional skin. Even if I've got a better skin, I'll put it on. It makes me feel like I'm in some Mission Impossible movie or something. Second , that's a lot of wins and kill. Also good job on that squads game. I've only recently had a couple of games were I get about fifteen kills. Third, SAIGA-12 forever! Although Mac-10s do a lot of damage close up. Finally, grenades are awesome when used in groups. I love throwing like ten grenades at somebody and then shooting at them, because they have nowhere to run. 

I read it, and then had to re-read it just to check. I love this game so much that any update (map, gun, mode) anything is super neat

The reason I said that is because after the update, this is what was said in the "What's new", box:

"Thanks again to all our participants! A certain spooky holiday is coming up, and the Island may soon undergo a prop-erly haunting transformation .." 

So there may not be a new mode, I'm hoping for one since they're changing up the map. 

Just completed the biggest loot grab ever! 

I'm so excited for the Halloween mode (if it comes out). I wonder what content will be added?  Will there be undead? Anybody else have any theories?

That actually was kinda the style I was going for. Maybe not total knock-off, but more something that could have been made by Capcom in the earlier days of their development.

Game Link

Dungeon Adventures is a retro-styled video game that plays like a cross between Mega Man and Zelda II. There are three characters in which to conquer dungeon after dungeon with. There's no game overs, you decide when to stop. Please tell me what you think in the comments. (Suggestions for more content welcome!)

I wonder how big the entire world map is. Because if they had one that showed you the entire thing, it would be insane.

I don't remember that. But I have gotten the 15x scope occasionally. Here's a picture that I got

Yeah. I love pairing a double barrel with an Ak-47. Gimme an 4x scope or even an 8x scope plus those two guns, and the game is over!

YES. Although there's a super rare hybrid between a Spas-12, and an AK-47. If you ever get it, you're basically guaranteed a victory.

That's amazing. Good job. I'm at about fifty wins. I'll get there someday. What's you highest kill count? Mine's 13. And I won that game. It was awesome. 

What is the best gun in the game? (My vote goes to the SPAS-12, which does yours?) 

I actually did play that mode once or twice when I first started playing.

I found out how to make Windows work! It finally works, so enjoy!

It actually doesn't give me that option. So I'll just wait until I somehow get a Windows computer and then test it out on that. Thank you for all the help though.

I'll try that. 

I feel ridiculous asking this, but I don't know what file to upload. Is it an .exe file or an .dll file? Does that question make sense?

Ok. I don't have a windows computer, so that makes testing hard. I'll try and see if I can find one and test on that, but for now I don't have a solution, very sorry.

I just thought of something else. Are you trying to load the game on mobile? Because I don't think that will work. 

Which one did you download?

Windows or Mac?

Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt is a video game I made awhile ago and just now posted online. It's a top-down bomber. Normally these games are called top-down shooters, but I made it to were the only way to attack is to place a bomb behind you. It's a neat mechanic that leads to intense situations were you must dodge enemies while also placing bombs.

Oh ok. I missed those. I found out about this game like a month ago. Do you remember which modes that had?

Are you guys gonna add different kinds of modes? Like one were there are key items that you have to pick up or whatever?

If you have any questions or anything, just lemme know

Wow this game is awesome! I've never seen a top-down battle royal (I'm sure there are more) but this is the first I've seen. And it's very cool. Good Job on the programming and art style (which is also neat)

This game is super neat. I have played it multiple times, and keep coming back to it. Good job on the AI. I can't believe you made this game in 48 hours (did you even take a break or sleep?) Well done!