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Fun game! The charcters are charming and It has some really fun mechanics to play with. It took me a while to notice the health system, but it's really clever! 

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That was really great! Some really lovable charcters in this story

I'll save this sandwich for later 

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Ꭲһаɴᴋѕ ꜰ𝕠𝕣 tհe ɢгеα𝕥 ᴛ𝕠ol!

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I am so glad. Thank you for your support. :)

thank you :)

Hey Bune I'll try to help you diagnose this. I already have media player codecs installed for watching anime with subs. I use the Combined Community Codec Pack. I tried the link you gave but the installation demanded that I install adware and I couldn't find a way to disable that option so I won't install it.

 I uploaded a gif of the loading sequence so you can see where it fails and that no errors display.

Latest demo is unplayable. It won't load past the title screen. :(

Thank you very much for playing our game! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!  It felt very rewarding after all our hard work watching you play and have a good time :)  
We are working on a huge update to the game right now.   I think you'll really like it. DM me on twitter at @Jonathan_Daar and I'll send you an advanced copy. 

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So I just got this program and I already love it! But I feel like I have more to learn. I would love examples in the documentation on useful ways to use this extension. 
Right now I put 

if (live_call()) return live_result;

in a script and edit it during the game and when I'm done I remove that line of code. I know there are other functions but I'm not sure how they would be useful to me.  For example I was left wondering: "Why would I add arguments to live_call?"

Thanks StuffedBeef! You aren't supposed to leave the game, this is your life now. 
Or press the escape key  to close the game.

Thanks Tanya I appreciate the encouragement :) It can sit on your phone next to the game we made together last year! 

That sounds great thank you. That's exactly how it should have gone. Thank you for being a friend to game developers and good luck on your journey to becoming a YouTube Star

thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. :) 

Coconut as a designer that first playthough is valuable to me, if you still have the recording of it, I'd love to see it. I work a lot to try to learn how to make this and future games I make more intuitive to pick up and play by watching what confuses people their first time playing, and improving the User Interface to reduce this. For example people weren't sure when to take items out of the oven, so I added the text below that says cooking,ready,ruined. Also the way I designed this game it's meant to be a short 5-10 minute experience, I wanted something on my phone to show people when they ask me the all too common question- what kinds of video games do I make. The intended first experience is very funny with you accidentally dropping things, cars honking at you and stuff burning, then you come around the second time and get this great sense of accomplishment as everything feels easier now. If you really are enjoying the game you can continue on to overtime mode.  I find the first recording the most entertaining. 

I think in general game developers will want that first playthrough, we become experts at our own games by playtesting them over and over, eventually all we can do is run though the game perfectly. We can't fake the excitement of watching someone learning the system we built. 

I really appreciate the video you made but as far as subscribing... I don't watch lets plays of other peoples games so I can't help your view count. I can recommend you to other game developers in the future who need playthroughs of their game if you like and I followed you on itch. When you get to the 900 range send me a message and I'll subscribe and congratulate you!

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Thank you Coconut! That was great! Was that your first time playing the game? You did such a good job, you were so fast and precise it made me wonder if you got some practice before you started recording.  If not maybe I need to make the game a little harder for video game experts like you :). 

also- I have fixed the food waste from the plane bug. Thank you!

Jenne I was deeply moved by your comment.  Being able to help and support other people Is the most rewarding and important thing to me. It's what gets me through my hardest times and to find out I have been helping someone for years by giving them a fun game to play, means so much to me.   You truely are an expert in the game and I am really happy to tell you that  there is a sequel for pc and android phones-

I am sure you will greatly enjoy picking flowers.  I just finished downloading your  visual novel and I would love to correspond with you more.   Please give me something to talk to you with- email, discord, facebook or telegram 

yeah HOF, that's what I said.

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oh... I actually did port it to html5 I forgot. Posting it on a html5 dev forum was how I got one stranger to play it.
I have two versions, one small sized one that resizes itself to work on cell phones with touch control and one full sized one designed for desktops.  They were both designed to test the touch screen interface but you can still use the arrow keys to play. 

Cell phone-


I guess I could embed one of them into itch's html5 system. It is like Orisinal games! You are not the first person to tell me that. 

Thanks. I'd port it to the mac but I can't afford the $100/year licensing fees apple charges. 

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Thanks for the advice! How should we contact you? 

I'd like to have my game considered. My friend and I released our game "Picking Flowers"- the relaxing arcade game 3 months ago, but have gotten only one person to play it outside of people I know.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I  posted the game to reddit on multiple places, all social media I have, tigsource, itch new releases ect. No luck.

I'd have given up and moved on to other things but my friends have persisted in telling me that this game is really good and I should keep working on getting it out there, and I know they aren't just saying that, my retention rate for people who have played the game is very high with my analytics reporting people still playing the game to this day.  

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Picking Flowers is a minimalist relaxing arcade game designed to bring you to a state of steady focus and move your thoughts to the present.  

Plucking flowers throws petals into the air.
Petals over empty space create holes  
Petals over holes fills them. 
If you step directly in a hole you will fall. 
Grab as many Flowers as you can without falling.

This game only uses the Arrow Keys or D-Pad/Analog stick on controllers.

The controls and graphics were really cool but I found the music unsettling and out of place. It was annoying me how it kept repeating "you are in an orphanage". 
 I also found the run out of energy mechanic counter intuitive. The best part of this game is the controls and then you punish people for using them and challenge them to use them as little as possible.  I'd have a lot more fun playing if I could waggle about and play with the mechanics, then trying to move as little as possible and restarting the room if I do too much.

Copyrights? Please tell me about that. I tried very hard to specially look for old music from old time radio's that wouldn't be copyrighted from old time radio recordings-

Yeah I like to do the same thing sweeping to make sure I didn't miss anything. Afterward conversations with the charcters that made it clear the main character was a nervous 8 year old girl who dressed up as a detective and imagined her friend's house as a seedy hotel would have been nice but at the end of the 48 hour jam we just didn't have time to add anything else. Visually at least you got to see stuff like the money was actually napkins and the drooling bouncer was actually a dog.

Thanks again but Its unlikely the team will be working together, we all met up as strangers during the jam and became friends as we made this game together. There was talk of making a second full game called Beehaw Jones ace detective but we never got together to make it.

I'll be posting more games in the future! For now I recommend you try out I made with John Mawhorter. Its also 5-10 minutes in length and we made it in only 24 hours. Its a historical reenactment of the trolley car system that used to run through Los Angeles.

Thank you so much Molly! I shared the video with the team and everyone was really happy to see the game played again.

Good job finding the easter egg of our teams mascot Pimpbird!

Thank you peu3! What's your high score?

yeah, this is exactly what I did!

hi I was playing in browser in chrome and I have timewarner cable. After I finished the default day the error occured on the second day as I was about to get out of bed. Hope that helps.

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found an error, occured immediately after playing threw the default day

looks intresting though, let me know when you fix it! I'm excited to play more!