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This was more interesting than I initially thought! The game feels a little unpolished at times, and the colors are not always great, but mostly, it all fits the themes pretty well. The whole story was pretty interesting and made me interested in playing the next episode as well! Overall, good work! :-)

It was ok. Couple of the elements that the game uses to make the player feel uncomfortable felt kinda cheap, like the super-loud music, the bad readability of the doctor's text (pink text on blue background) and the jumpscares. Could have done without that.

Other than that, the art was pretty good, and the story/characters were also fun, though a lot was kinda left to interpretation.

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In the chase scene, the one who chases you is like way too fast. I've seen a gameplay video where they seem to be much slower, so wondering, is there a difference between the and steam version? Like seriously, with that speed of the chaser, I can get like maybe 1 or 2 switches at best, but it looks like there's 10 or so of them. A bummer, since I wanted to play it till the end.

EDIT: Ok, found the fix now. Was caused by playing the game on a high-refresh rate display (120 Hz). After setting "Sync Monitor FPS" to "On" from the game options, it worked fine on the high-refresh rate display as well. This still sucks and that option should have been either set to "On" on default, or there should have been some notice regarding that.

So the rules say that planning, gathering and creating assets and plugins is allowed before the submission period begins.

So that means that it is ok to make tilesets, make music tracks and program plugins for the planned game, as long as I don't start to actually implement the actual game in the RPG Maker editor, so for example, making a map or creating events would be not allowed.

Is that correct or am I interpreting the rules in the wrong way?

Thanks a lot for the nice comment! :)

There was first a problem with the controls when using arrow keys that the whole website would move up and down because the game apparently was not taking the focus of the keyboard, but then I realized that I could avoid it by using WASD for controls.

Took me quite a while to figure out what everything was (the visual style is kind of a puzzle itself, but interesting once you figure things out) and what the purpose was! Was first serving the correct tea colors for a while until I realized that I'm supposed to do it wrong on purpose 😅

Overall, pretty interesting game, though might be a little inaccessible to some. Also, funny idea with the lore and how it continues over several games! :-)

I have to agree with the others that having some response for when you take damage would have been nice.

Other than that, the gameplay itself was pretty fun!

Not sure if I'm doing it wrong, but the cooldown seems to make it impossible when you are receiving multiple attacks at once (which kinda occured often).

Also, one of the school busses was flying around for me^^ Probably some physics error, but it was funny.

Overall, I like the idea! Fits the theme well. I'm now curious what happens when the red bar is full!

Thanks a lot!^^ Also nice to hear that you got all endings!

It was actually my goal this time to have at least some kind of gameplay in the game that is a bit more dynamic. Glad that you liked it!
Actually, since the newer RPG Makers (MV/MZ) just use HTML5 under the hood, technically, you could realize a lot of 2D gameplay with them, it's just a bit tedious^^

Hello everyone,

I have rated almost every game in the jam now (will finish playing and rating the remaining ones later today).

My own game ( has only received 4 ratings so far, so if you have time, it would be awesome if you check it out and then rate it!

Also, everyone else whose game needs ratings, feel free to post them in this thread for more visibility!

Pretty funny and unique mechanic!

Thanks for playing the game! I now also played your game :-)

This is really well made! The controls are pretty responsive and feel good. The visual style is consistent and looks pleasing. Also, the text display, the menu buttons etc. all look pretty good! Pretty impressive that this was done in just 3 hours!

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Thanks, glad you liked it! :)

By the way, the part with the knifes is easier when using the arrow keys instead of the mouse, in my opinion.

The maps look pretty good, and the used assets look great. Would be interesting to see a full version of this!

Took me a while though to realize that you could actually double jump 😅

Some interesting ideas here!

Not a bad game, but at first I didn't recognize the hazards as such 😅

That intro is nice, but the game kinda randomly stopped in the middle when playing. Would be nice if the end message popped up a little later, imho, so that the player can explore the world a bit more, regardless of if there is any interaction or not.

Pretty cool boss fight, though I'm really bad at it 😅

Kinda wished though that after winning, you would get a little more than just the "You won!" message, haha.

Funny concept, but a timer would have been nice. Also, 60 seconds feels a bit too long. It also bugged me a little that the music stops, but the elevator doesn't open then.

Overall, still not bad for the short development time. Also, cool to see someone using Godot :)

So I got:

 - Break the picture
 - Feed picture(?) to dog
 - Close curtains, then turn light off
 - Pop balloon by bringing it to the cactus
 - Clicking on that thing multiple times that is below the left window
 - Bring the needle on which the picture was hanging to the thing below left window

No idea what the last thing is. Probably something with the spider and the horse, but couldn't figure it out. Overall, a really good idea though and very well made!

Looks fine to me? I played it in full screen

Thanks for the link!

Ok, this was a pretty fun road rampage^^ Sound and audio was nice too, though I'm not sure if that upbeat song fits the game 😅 

Good work!

Music and presentation are pretty good! I also like how the game gets harder with time! Good entry!

Thanks! :-D

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Haha, pretty funny idea! I like it :-)

Thank you very much :-)

Thanks! :-)

The music was amazing! The tea trivia in the top was also a nice touch!

I agree with the other comment that the default mouse sensitivity should not be 0. This should have been definitely mentioned on the game page itself where the controls are explained.

Other than that, I actually really liked it (I might be biased though because I like Helltaker). The core gameplay is pretty decent. Some music would have been nice, though.

Uhm... the game isn't loading for me. When I open "Tea_Fighter.exe", it just shows me a screen with "Super Toast" and "No Game" written on it.

Interesting game with nice visuals! I guess our fun tea time is kinda deadly for the poor ant^^

I think though that the rate of life drain while in the tea should be higher. Right now, I could clear the levels just by pressing 'up' quickly because the tea is not dangerous enough. I stopped after I reached level 25. Also, the sounds for rotating the ant and clearing a level were a little uncomfortable, in my opinion.

Still, a nice entry!

Thanks a lot for the link!

Funny game! I like the concept :D

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words! :-)

Originally, I had planned for music, but I heavily underestimated how long it would take me to make this. After the jam concludes, I plan to at least finish up the game the way I had originally envisioned it.

Yeah, it is very difficult to find the right amount of difficulty, I can imagine, especially in just 3 hours! And usually, I am also the last person to complain about a game being too easy^^

So yeah, keep up the good work! The most important thing is that you were able to submit something playable in time!

A little too easy and thereby, gets a bit repetitive with time. Maybe with additional time, you could add more and more bears, so that it gets more difficult with time?

That file size is pretty huge... but seeing as it is an Unreal project, I guess that makes sense^^

The tea cup designs were quite pretty!

As feedback, I think the game should have some kind of definitive goal, like "shoot every tea cup at least once and see how fast you are able to do so" or something like that.

But overall, funny idea!

The visuals fit the theme quite well!