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bendy time

woah nice

soon not soo

Why does it say soo that should have been soo

that was a good game I hope more stuff comes to the game soo

ok but one problem I don't know how to open mods and stuff  plus Internet Explorer won't even work all I see is "This page cannot be displayed"

I realized this is the creator of celeste when I played it on the PS4 I was like "oh he's the creator of celeste"

one word amazing this mod is fun but on buttercups the arrows move a bit fast for me even on easy or was I on normal

this game is epic

I absolutely agree

this game is epic I am gonna look at more of your games

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I like how you recreated the Pico-8 and gave it a sequel and not just that you made the ACTUAL GAME ON ITCHIO holy cow that is amazing

this game is fun the controls are good and these games by Vimlark are good

this game is good and quite creative sometimes I think you have to place items at the right time and in the right position

that is a good idea

this game is fun I played the demo on scratch as well