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I highly recommend this game to everyone please try this awesome game. I gave this game 5/5 :)))

Make it More Scary.....Remember Don't make it impossible to play!

Demon speed in this part is good...Don't increase his speed or it will be hard to evade him.

Waiting for the second part :))))

This game is Great, Have some Jumpscares but its very Short :)

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Dont have legs, where are they :D This baby is running without legs :D Watch whole video to find out what happened to his legs xD

The Z Village! community · Created a new topic Nice Game

Its a Nice game but needs a lot of improvements, Im not going to figure each one here because i know everyone can figure it on there own.

I really dont know the purpose of this game, Don't know what to do...Just put stick on fire thats it :/ No enemies,demons nothing  -_-

Super cool man, Keep up your awesome work.........Love from Pakistan :)))

Sure I will give it a shot again :) 


Correct me if im wrong, Are you Indian ? :) 

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Here is our video of this game must check it out, Gamers Nation Failed to complete this game sorry in advance  :p

I glad you did it, i wasn't able to beat this game...Really nice video Bro ))

Overall the game is amazing i liked it

Really cool game man...I Enjoyed every sec of this game bro keep it up :))

Incredible game but its too short ... Very disturbing environment..Please release the full game ASAP 


Please Update the keys....It literally unplayable. :/ 

Such a short amazing game man....I found somebody at the end of this game :o

Bro they killed me, where are the guns??? I can't find any single gun -_-

By the way thanks for the game environment is creepy.

I thought its a horror game :D

By the way here is my video.

Sure why not :) 

Liked it thanks Dev :)

Thanks for your efforts...Nice game

Honestly this game is super cool....I really Like the idea and the game also....Please Give it a try :))) Check out my Video to know more about this game.

Enjoyed this game but its one of the hardest game in my opinion...Make it little bit easy! 

Really nice Game but whats the code man...She killed me ;(

Nice concept Thanks for this game :) 

Nice Game

Enjoyed this game Thanks for you efforts developer

As Always thank for your efforts developer, It a nice game....but the map is so big and dark also, need little bit of work on this otherwise its a great game thanks again.

Really Nice Game I like it...But Its really hard! xD

Beat this in 2nd try....Your Idea is good but that will be more awesome if you made this game a little bit horror or add some Jumpscares :) 

Thanks for your efforts bro

After playing this game i will definitely pay my bills :D

I was nearly at the end but she showed up...!!!! ;(((((((

First of all thanks a lot for this amazing experience...Liked it so much, want to see more.

I was happy and playing  7ujuh I like it so much but This one got me Seriously ;(


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Really nice game Thanks for your efforts....But please continuous this project.

P.S: I found a Weird key, what to do with this key after completion of game???  xD 

Sure I will rate it...I hope you release the full version soon.

Done it with both endings...Liked it keep your good work up :) 

Bro this game is insane man....!! :o

Creepiest Environment :(((((