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Halloween community · Created a new topic Awesome Game

But there is a big problem because you used so many copyrights music. :(

Thank you so much for adding .rar file. I'm going to try your game now!

Really awesome Job :)) 

Really Nice Game but that was too short. I made a No Damage Gameplay. :))  5/5

This game is awesome I love it. 5/5

Welcome. ;)

Oka never mind. 

Please add .rar file (Extract and Run)

Super Cool Game I like that. :)) 5/5

She game almost ended my YouTube Career. :( 5/5

Welcome back and Super Cool Game. :) 

Full Walkthrough Gameplay (ENDING) 5/5


I will give this a try if you add a .rar file. (Extract and play)

Awesome Game 5/5/ :) 

That was your first game and I really love it to be honest. I believe you can make more awesome games. 5/5

Not running, add .rar

Really nice game but too short. :)

Really nice game I liked it. :)) 5/5

Add .rar file!

Nice one.

I beat this game. That was a tough ride. :D 5/5

Really Nice game waiting for the Full Release. :)) 5/5

That was Horrific. :) 

Awesome Game. Love it! :) 

This game is Awesome, you must add some extra background music in this game to make it even more creepy. :)

That was fun. :)

Awesome. :)) 

No Damage Yangire Mode v2.1.2

It will be back on 23rd April 2021. :)) 

(1 edit)

Full Walkthrough ENDING. One of the Creepiest Game.

Good ENDING. :)

There you go. :)

I beat this game without taking Any Damage. :D

This game worth $4. I recommend this game to everyone. :)

I love this Mode. :)

Nice project. :)


Sim e confira os vídeos. :)

Yes. :)