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Thanks for this game, 5 books collected :D 

Nice but very short game Thanks. 

I really appreciate your work, awesome game but how to open the last door xD 

5/5 :))

I didn't finished the game but This game is insane 4/5 rated :))

here is my quick review on this game.

This game Got me so many times I admit that xD really great game thanks for your hard work :)) 5/5

Here is my quick review on this amazing game :) 

Awesome job Dev, very creepy environment and the game is scary if you play alone at night with headphones :D 5/5 rated :)) Here is my Quick review on this game.

Good luck bro :)

Best of Luck :) 

Here is my video on this Awesome game :)

Bro try turn off your ad blocker and try again.

I didn't face any bug for now but the game is great... waiting for full release :)

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Incredible game Dev thanks for your great work 5/5 :) 

Rated 5/5...Really Nice game thanks for your hard work Dev i really appreciated your hard work. I liked the gameplay,graphics and overall everything is perfect in this game Man..Love from Pakistan  <3 :))

Really Nice 2D game Dev Thanks..Rated :))

Dear Dev, This game is awesome..Overall everything is pretty good...Environment is Creepy but correct me if i'm wrong I think this game contains a bug. The ghost comes on the screen and stay on the screen watch my Video.

Very cool, It will be great if we can walk around. :)

4/5 rated!

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Sorry Bro, I wasn't aware of items.I though i just need to run and hide to complete this game xD BY the way rated your game 5/5 :)) 

Bro I really appreciated your work is super amazing :)) 5/5 :) 

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Incredible game...I completed this game without any weapon...Just found a Bug may be to complete this game in first try I promise.  Watch my Video for that Bug :))

Nice Game and the graphics are also good but I didn't completed this game...This is Just a Review of this game.  :)

Just finished this game...Ty nice game :) 

Bro this game is Fantastic, I love your idea and please add new maps and guns to enhance overall Experience of this game. Kinda Resident Evil game touch.5/5 Man Love it :)))  

Creepy Environment 

Really nice game but I hope I finished this game in a right way :D

Nice game but please add more guns.

Dev that guy is super fast, But i found a way to trick him and he will not follow you no more :D Watch till end to find out ))

Nice Game

Fantastic Game Bro 5/5 :))

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Yeah Its say error graphics in  graphics quality but the game is running without any issues.

Bro I must say this game is Amazing 5/5. I Recommend every gamer to try this game :))

I really like this game and your hard work thanks :) 

Graphics are cool but I don't know that to do in this game man, don't make game so impossible to play. 2/5

Bro this game is fantastic I love your Idea of this game but only one problem is we cant play with mouse which make it very hard to escape that Mask guy....I found a way to Trick him and reach to the Crowbar easily without Crouching :D  Watch the Video to Find out.

Awesome Game Dev thanks :) 

Nice Graphics of this game Thanks.

Played this game , thanks for the efforts Dev :) 

Bro Idea is good of this game, But the map is so huge, very hard to find tools and Demon is way more faster than us when he come close....Precise the map little bit and add a map to make it little easy to play.

Nice short game Thanks for your efforts Dev.

Really Nice game :)

Nice game but need some improvements Dev, Watch my video to find out.