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You are not the Developer of this game. GAS Letal made this game! 

Really Nice Game. All Endings 5/5

This game is Epic 5/5

Sure why not. :) 

Thanks a lot! ;) 

That was cool but the killer was so dumb. :D 4/5

Such an Epic Game. 4/5

One of the Best Backroom Game! Got all the Endings.  5/5

Your Game is Full of Bugs and Glitches. I will give it another shot after you fix them. 


I was about to play the game but I saw the 2nd map is so dark. You must add a flashlight or nigh vision!

Really Good Experience. 4/5

This game is so cool 4/5

Cool but very short 4/5

Impressive. :)  5/5

Cool but too short. :) 4/5

Secret Ending

That was cool but short 4/5

Really Cool Game. 5/5

Such an awesome concept Wow! :)) 5/5

Cool. 5/5

Bit hard but I found the way to beat the first without killing a single rat. Will make a video later. 4/5

Found a New Tap. 4/5

Short and cool 3/5

Cool 3/5

That was short but nice 3/5

Cool but short. 3/5


Cool but too short. :) 3/5

One Hell Of A Ride. 5/5

Such an awesome Game. 5/5

That was a cool Game. :) 5/5

I forgot the secret ending. Will make a new video! :) 

Really Awesome Game. 5/5

That was a cool concept. :) 4/5

That was Cool but too short 4/5

That was a cool but short game. 4/5 

Played 10 Level 4/5, Cool Game!