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okay :p

Cool Game 5/5

Its up to you where you want to share this video.

Nice to hear that...If you don't mind you can share this video. :))

I don't know but how many guys beat this game till date?? Any Idea??

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Super Cool Game.

I like your work keep it up.

WOnderful game I like itRated 5/5

Really nice experience, Graphics, sound effects and overall everything is perfect  :) 5/5

Awesome Game.

Insane I like it :D 5/5

Opening bag pack ruined my game. I found screwdriver and pink key-card. I accidentally pressed TAB the mouse stopped working. -_-

Is this game fixed?

Good Demo waiting for the full version. 4/5

Full Gameplay+Ending. 5/5

Are you using your own sound tracks??? is there any copyrighted music please let me know??

Yes but because of our videos there video will get more attention or maybe viral sometime. 

Its a pretty good game waiting for next Ep.

Why you use copyright content in your games???  maybe add them in the description so we can mention then in our videos. -_-

After collecting all stuff the screen goes black so how I suppose to find the exit if I can't see nothing?

This one got me :(

This one is crazy :D 

Nice gameplay but I didn't found any exit because my game ended when I collected all items. I consider this ending :)

May be I try the hard version also.

Horror Tooth community · Created a new topic ENDING

Such a challenging game but we beat it :))

Just try to unrar the part 1 one, it will unpack both .rar!

I thought because the names are pretty much same :)

Are you the developer of this game because the names are pretty much same??

Environment was great..Such a good short game.

That was scary for sure :D 

Add .rar will be appreciated!

Yes )

If you can add camera movement with mouse that will make this game great :) 

I collected stuff like documents and key-cards it show 0/5. Overall the game is awesome :)) 

Awesome I like it Dev. 

I cheated the system to run faster. Beat it twice with all endings. :))

Are you the Developer of this game also??

This game is incredible wow :))

Game Look great but the keys are messed up any option to edit the keys?