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Looks really nice game but where is the key of the first door I can't find any key...Check my Video I looked all over but no key :/

Nice game Dev thanks :)

Super cool man :)) 

#kratosBelmont Bravo man, This game is so funny and overall the game is Incredible man Love your work. Rated 5/5..... I wish I can rated it more than 5 :D

Awesome man :))

I was so exited at the start of the game but sadly the game end up with Black screen :/ But still I made a Video for you. -_-

Really nice game,Bit challenging but  I found a way to trick that stupid Giant monster :D Check my Video and Subscribe Dev )

I played this game today again, I thought its Chp 2 :/ I know I'm not suppose to post my gameplay again but guys how I opened the Exit door without a Crowbar....No Bear Case in my gameplay  :/

Awesome work man :))

Bro this game is Insane keep these types of games Coming :))

Awesome game liked it and Rated it also thanks Dev. ;)

Appreciated Bro...Thanks for support ;) 

Really nice game I was near but he killed me :D 

Appreciated ;)

Hahaha :D

Bro really nice project thanks for your efftorts

May be ask Dev....By the way nice video Luna :) 

Really Nice short game bro :)

Just Beat this game (5:30 min ) bro Nice game, May be add a Monster which case us all time that will be awesome and makes the game bit difficult.

This game is Crazy :D

Really nice game thanks for you efforts Dev :))

After Extraction I can't see the .exe file ? -_-

I really respect & appreciated the hard work of all the Devs who make games for us that's why I delayed my plan for you....Send me the link ASAP I will give it a try and make a new video for you! 

I really wanna give it a shot again but i'm really sorry I can't make video now because I'm out of country.  :(  I will surely make when i'm back soon.

Me also die but I found a mobile under that desk which will help you to complete your examination.

Awesome game :) 

What to do in this game, played both chapter and walk almost everywhere but no enemies no items found, Just walk without any aim. -_- 

I tried but didn't make a video.

Great work Dev by the way the ending voice is damn much terrible  :D

Fantastic Job Dev....Love your project and waiting for more stuff like that...By the way that ghost got me 2 times :D

At least set controls before posting your hard work Dev...We really wanna give it a try.

Can't wait for that :)) Please add some jumpscares will be highly appreciated :D

Thanks for this game...Its really good in PC :) 

Found all Keys :) Thanks for this good game Dev.....I made a video for you. :) 

Nicely Done and thanks for your hard work Dev :)) Rated!

Thanks for watching and yes my GPU is bit weak I hope my new GPU come soon

Oh sorry bro.

Thanks for the game

Nicely done :)

Nice but way too much dark for me.