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100% Recommended but sadly it's too short. 4/5

Played this game once again. Cool but too short 4/5

I always try to glitch the game or find something strange to help out the dev. Thank you so much for such an awesome game I can't wait for more updates in future. :))) 

Last one Got me so bad Epic Experience but too short. :(( 4/5

Really Cool Experience 5/5 for sure. :) 

Tsugunohi community · Created a new topic Full Gameplay 5/5

Such an awesome game. 

Epic. 5/5

Add .rar or .zip files if possible. I will try your game.

Nice work. :) 

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I was not expected that this game is so cool. 5/5

Such a awesome experience 5/5

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The Game Looks promising but the worst thing is it's so dark. You must add a Brightness option or add a brighter flashlight tp enhance the experience of your game.  3/5

Must Try This Masterpiece. 5/5

Such an awesome experience Thank you 4/5.

Such a awesome game but too short. 4/5

For your Hard work and consistency I'm going to give it 5 stars. :))

Such an awesome experience. :) 4/5

Full Gameplay but due to claim 3/5

That was cool. :) 4/5

Cool Game. 4/5


New Update Full Walkthrough Gameplay 5/5

That was Epic Game I really enjoyed every single moment. 5/5

Castle Full Gameplay

Epic 5/5

That was super Cool. :) 4/5

Cool 4/5

This game is Epic but very short. You can add more stuff and add a big map :(  3/5

I really like this game 4/5

That was short but I really Enjoyed your Game, waiting for more updates. 3/5!

That was so cool 5/5

Thank you so much waiting for the full release 4/5

Super Cool and I will try the Hard mode soon. 5/5

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The game is literally dropping so much frames if we move the mouse in any direction. otherwise it's smooth if we just move forward without touching the mouse!  

GTX 1060 6GB

Got both Endings 5/5

Game looks promising but the controls are really bad. Ruining the overall experience of the game. 2/5!

Super Cool but short 4/5