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Completed this game here is the video....Thanks for this game Dev 5/5 :))

Nice game Dev.....I made a Video for you.


Nice game I like it, Good old days :))

The game is incredible and my first experience was great I hope you fix the bugs soon so I try again :) 

The Ward community · Created a new topic First Look

Game is well made but I think there are some glitch in the game because sometime I face lags,frame drops and grahics issue. Im Using  Aorus GTX 1060 GB, i5, 8Gigs Ram....Check out my gameplay. 4/5


This game won't even start after selecting Last man Standing or other option. Please fix it.

Want to try this. Any Non VR version of this game? 

Here is a Quick Gameplay of your Project..Thanks for this Game :)

No Pc version...Okay but I vote 4/5 because it looks nice. :)

Dev I made a Quick Video of your Game Check it out...Nice work, cool game. 

Nice Game waiting full release

Nice but way too much short :) Here is the first look of this game.

Nice but way too much short :) Here is the first look of this game

Thanks a lot Dev for this Awesome game....Gameplay and Graphics are really nice. 5/5

Awesome game but you can't escape him :)

Nice game but please fix some graphics issues in the game...Watch my video to find out. 4/5

Thanks for this amazing Project :))

My Pleasure  :))

Graphics are stunning and gameplay is smooth...I didn't Finished the game just wondering all over the City :) 


Nice game here is the Video :)

This game is really nice. I made a video check it out :)

I survived from Ghost Goats nice game but Its bit hard. My Quick Gameplay.

Okay :) 


I made a Video...9/10 Collected

Awesome Shooting game Dev 5/5

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I dont like Pixel games. This one is good I tried but I wasn't successful :( 

Nice game but please add some stuff in this game

This is a really Nice game waiting for the full game.

P.S: Monster can't get you if you keep jumping, watch my video I tricked the Monster. :D

Awesome work Dev :)

And please check my Video if you need some idea...People are giving ideas in comment section

Nice game wait for full game :) 

Do let me know when its done.

Really Nice game Thanks for your Hard work Dev. :) 

Graphics are stunning but why there is no enemies, ghost or any scary stuff? 

Super high speed...Here is the Video.

Nice game but its very short :))