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For the people who want multiplayer, this game will remain a slight experiment as a side game for fun that SteelRaven will develop. I highly doubt he'll add multiplayer.

This Game is Soooooooooo Fun!!!

But Heres A Wishlist for Beta 3

New Redesigned Menu


More Weapons (Maybe Make Them Unlockable)


Killstreaks(Air Drop,Tank,etc..)

More Sounds

Better Models(They are Pretty Good Still!)

Better Textures (For Low End PC's Like Mine)

Death Sounds/Impact Sounds(On Death Character Will Say Something Like "Urgh!" "Ughh..." And Impact Will Be "Ooph!" "Agh!" Urgh"

First Person Feet

Better Animations(Animations Are Decent, The Getting Up Animation Needs To Be Improved, Especially While Moving and Getting Up)

Pain Hud (when health is Low have a Red Hud)

More Graphics Options

Hud Redesign


More Game Modes.

This Game is Still Good! And Can be a Success! I Hope The Dev Reads This and I Hope he Continues to Develop this game, its amazing!