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Thanks for the feedback!
Can you send me the link for your game if you don't mind?

Rated! Feedback and suggestion are on the submission page!

It was very fun to play! The idea of devolving and having different abilities is genius! Something that I would suggest is to add a sort of ranged attack because it's impossible to attack without taking damage. Another thing is that you can just ignore all the platforms which removes a bit of challenge. I also think mapping attack to Mouse 1 would've been better than mapping it to control! The game is still incredibly fun to play! Rated!!

Damn man! It's really fun to play! My first game jam was a disaster lol.

Love the art style even tho I am not a fan of 2D games. It was also, imo, very innovative!
But, the rewind mechanic is almost irrelevant. That's the only criticism.

I would love it if you tried my game too:

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Nice game! But I suck at it lmao! The time gets reset too fast!
Rated it!

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Exactly what the title says! Rate my game and comment on it and I will rate your game and comment on it if you want me to!
The game is here:
Edit: Please don't put any more requests. I will check out whatever has been put here till now.

and I was 4th!

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First things first, I know that you should probably decide the genre after the theme, but I like to work like this.

If anyone is interested, please DM me on discord @GamerKing885#4912 (I am not very active here). As of now, there is no team (as the Jam just got announced) Please mention that you found me on Itch, or I tend to get very confused!

Edit: Forgot to mention that I only know Unity

me too!

Please try Deception:!

Thanks for your feedback!

Okay I guess...

Can I please get a few ratings?

Can I please get a few ratings?

Can I please get a few ratings?

The graphics were bad because our 3D modeller ditched us in between...

What could've been made better?

Cool game, I really like the way you jump...

Really fun and funny, gave me a good laugh, haha. But, I think subtitles would be cool and the controls weren't exactly responsive, which made me quit during the "physical agility test".

It was good, but it felt weird...

Uh, the Jam's theme was "The game is a liar",  and this was my take on it... (All the controls are wrong). If you want, though, I can give you the list of controls.

Cool game, but both the win state and the lose state can occur at once, and that made me confused....

Can I please get a few ratings?

Can I please get a few ratings?


Added to my list! Will rate soon!

Added to my list! Will rate!

I'll do it if you rate mine!

Waiting for your rate and comment!

If you rate and comment mine, sure!

I will soon!

Can I please get a rating?

I don't have a lot of time with me, so I will rate 15 games (by today or tomorrow) if you rate and comment (comment because I can see who rated and who didn't) on my game.

Can I please get a rating?

No, I meant the end of the current Jam game.

Anyway, you guys can make a separate upload, right? For the new game?

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So the slider thing is the end?


Waiting for your comment and rating for my game!