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The game is great. The visuals and audio are probably the best. It feels like a fully polished roguelike game, it reminds me of Enter the Gungeon. 

Amazing entry overall!

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Awesome game, it reminds me of Vampire Survivors.

The audio is really great,  just like the visuals, but the pelican looks a little strange, I don't know why.

It's probably one of the best game from the jam, it's really fun and addictive.  I think there is no option to recover HP, so that would be great, because I always run out of health in the Super Mario-like rotating laser stage :D

Very cool game, the art is also very nice!

Really fun game, but it's really hard without checkpoints. 

The letter J is a little bit uncomfortable for shooting, maybe you could use Q, E or F instead, so you can play with one hand.

Otherwise really good job!

I really like the game, the music is so epic! 

Very nice, simple and unique game! I like the graphics.

Thank you!

I like the style of the game. The music and sound effects are perfect too.