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Hi! I am the composer of the 2.5 million player indie RPG craze, Aground! I have received so much love from the Aground community aka "The Agroundians" that I have decided to release the soundtrack early. Players simply can not get enough of it. Don't take my word for it. Look what they said.

I'd like to invite you to grab your copy of the soundtrack here.

Of course there is "try before you buy" or in this case as I like to say "listen before you pitch in".

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the soundtrack!

I like the feel of the game. I am not too sure about the shield being the down on the d-pad but after playing to the end. I got around that and used to it.

I love the SFX and the music takes off after the initial beginning of the piece. Great job with the channel mutes between the music and sound design!

I liked how the screen shows more of the level once the character jumps on the ledge. Normally you can hold Select plus up for that but I appreciate alleviating the player to do extra controls.

The level design and enemy types were awesome! So well thought out. I think  I was spazzing but some mouse enemies ran faster at you which I liked.

This is looked, felt, and sounded like a an Official GameBoy title. Awesome work! Can't wait to see more.

Thank you so much for playing and the kind words especially about the music. I am grateful that you enjoyed what we did.

Thank you for playing and the kind words on the music! I am humbled.

Thank you Michirin. As the composer and audio designer of the jam collab, I certainly pride myself on the accuracy of it being like the GameBoy since it was my first gaming system. I wanted the authenticity to be as close as possible. Thank you for playing and the kind words. 

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Stellar game! Everything is fantastic. I love the originality

Nice game and concept.  I am glad there was not a lives system. The difficulty was a little hard, for me personally with the spike and platforming combo. It's good work overall.

Hey! If you update this need music or sound let me know! It would brighten this good game up more!

Thank you for the compliment on the SFX. :)

Thank you so much for the kind words on the audio :)

Lovely looking game and fun too! Shame you didn't have a composer or sound designer for it. I would have loved to made music and audio! 
IIf you want to work on it more afterwards, please reach out to me. Great work!

Good deal!

Very cool concept. I appreciate the animations and character art styles a lot! I kind of wish you have some interesting level design ideas. I kind of wish you would focus on finishing one game because I see multiple potential in all and it makes me penchant to finish playing this one too. Maybe making a full level by working on it for a solid month or two.

Hey All! I'd love to collaborate with any developer for the Pixel Jam! I just finished Game Boy Jam and Metroidvania Jam.  The team I was on won Metroidvania Jam because of the music!  [Game: Escape Stasis]  The Game Boy jam team ranked decently too! [Game: Endless Space War]

Here are some links to my previous work

You can contact me on Discord gamercomposer #5669 or message back on here. I hope to hear from you soon!

Sure thing. Thank you!

Hey, I'm very sad that no one has asked me to jam with them. Basically offering free work. If you know any devs that need audio for the jam can you link them to us please? Not sure why we are so scary :(

Very interesting game Micah! Hard to understand at first but I somehow got it on the third time. If you ever need any music or sound effects for any jam. Let me know!

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Thank you so much! 😊I  appreciate it!

Thank you for checking it out! Excellent! How can I reach you? Discord ? Twitter? Email?

Yea I can make some pretty cool stuff for it! Just let me know what you think and if you want to move forward. 

Hey there! I'm a composer and sound designer ready to rock for the Retro Jam! I have done a few jams like this, like Low Rez Jam, just finished  Metroidvania Jam, wrapping up my third GameBoy Jam.

Here are some examples of my work:

I'm really fast at sound effects too and I know how to record 8-bit voice over audio. 

So, ask me for examples or custom voices :) Reach me on Twitter@chasebethea or Discord "gamercomposer #5669

I hope to hear from you! 

Pretty cool! I dig it. If you decide to work on it more and release it, I'll be happy to work on the sound effects and music for you. I am the composer for Escape Stasis (the other Metrodvania entry) So, you can check out what I did for that, if you like.

So, I have a GameBoy and a tracker program I can compose using it's native sound chip for authenticity. I'm pretty excited since this is my first time writing for it.  To listen, the link is below. Let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance for listening :D

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Hey Hey! I WOULD LOVE to be picked up by a team! This is my favorite jam of the year to do!  I can even make authentic jams on the GameBoy if needed.   Here is some previous chiptune work of mine. ( Made Game Boy Jam 3 - Game Style - Puzzle Runner) (Game Style - Area Shop or Puzzle ) (Game Style - RPG Exploration [i.e. Pokemon or Zelda])

I have plethora of examples and I would love to make and create with you! Reach me on Twitter @chasebethea or Discord "gamercomposer #5669.

I respond fast and I'm very reliable.  :D

I'm available!  You can PM me on Twitter @chasebethea or on Discord gamercomposer#5669. I would LOVE to help out! I composer music and do sound design!

Oh interesting! It's kind of like a hexadecimal system (or Tracker). I can write tracker music or I can convert to whatever format you need. We can work together on it. I'm open to exploring

That converter is cool! Thank you Heavy Pixels!

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Hey All! 

I am happy to contribute ANY sound effects AND/OR music for your projects. Don't let it be an after-thought let's experiment together! I respond and work efficiently. :D 

Message me on Twitter @chasebethea

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Fancy Fish Games has just released a new project called "</reality>" This game is about the nature of existence when a college girl is chosen to test an ambitious VR-MMO in Alpha created by a young genius.

More about the game here

Soundtrack on

</reality> Trailer

Thanks for checking it out!

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Jammy Jam Collab
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Hey all! GameBoy Jam is one of my favorite jams of the year! I would love to collaborate with anyone that needs music or sound design for their jam! Here are serveral of my tracks that I have done for previous GameBoy/8bit Jams as well as other projects in the vein of retro.

You can reach me here( or Twitter @chasebethea or chasebethea[at] I really hope to hear back from some awesome people soon! And please feel free to leave feedback too! :)

So, I played the game I like the concept, but I think I would have preferred to have a small tutorial for at least the first level. Some kind of video tutorial or hint would have been great.

I think the controls for the arrow moves should be explained as these are the main mechanic to finish the puzzle. I didn't figure out I could change or move the arrow until level 2. It would be much easier and fun to jump in knowing how the game works rather than guessing what the controls are. What I would suggest is putting these in the settings menu or doing a mini video tutorial before the menu begins.

The music is a little monotonous and sometimes did not fit very well with the game. What I would suggest is maybe making something more cognitive but still "tron-like". That might fit better. Also, there should be some sound effects for the ball shooting and destroying.

Hope this helps.

Update: Here is some music I did for the #LowRezJam2016 - Fast Food Empire -

and SFX I did for an FPS

Hey! Happy to make the music for Fast Food Empire! Please let me know what file format you would need and I'll begin to work on it. :D

That's fine! Thank you for taking the time to listen to my work! Please feel to reach out to me whenever you are ready :)

Sweet! Looking forward to it!

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If anyone needs any audio for this jam, please hit me up! I'm super excited for this!

Here are some examples of my music

I'm really fast at sound effects too and I recently figured out how to record 8-bit voice over audio. So, ask me for examples or custom voices :)

Hello Everyone,

Recently, I did the music and sound effects for a game titled "I Can't Escape Darkness on Steam" (Released in September 17th)

I would like to share with you the Behind-the-Scene Documentary of my creative process from the project along a deeper look into the custom sound effects based on the popular article on Gamasutra.

I am most grateful for you watching and if you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi, I went to the Global Game Jam site at USC yesterday and I didn't find a team who needed audio. If there is anyone on here who does not have an audio person on their team yet and needs someone, I would be happy to contribute. Thank you.

Sure! I do! How long do you need it and what file type?

Thank You Sophie! These are some great solutions. I appreciate the help!