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Fancy Fish Games has just released a new project called "</reality>" This game is about the nature of existence when a college girl is chosen to test an ambitious VR-MMO in Alpha created by a young genius.

More about the game here

Soundtrack on itch.io

</reality> Trailer

Thanks for checking it out!

Created a new topic Jammy Jam Collab
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Hey all! GameBoy Jam is one of my favorite jams of the year! I would love to collaborate with anyone that needs music or sound design for their jam! Here are serveral of my tracks that I have done for previous GameBoy/8bit Jams as well as other projects in the vein of retro.








You can reach me here(itch.io) or Twitter @chasebethea or chasebethea[at]gmail.com I really hope to hear back from some awesome people soon! And please feel free to leave feedback too! :)

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So, I played the game I like the concept, but I think I would have preferred to have a small tutorial for at least the first level. Some kind of video tutorial or hint would have been great.

I think the controls for the arrow moves should be explained as these are the main mechanic to finish the puzzle. I didn't figure out I could change or move the arrow until level 2. It would be much easier and fun to jump in knowing how the game works rather than guessing what the controls are. What I would suggest is putting these in the settings menu or doing a mini video tutorial before the menu begins.

The music is a little monotonous and sometimes did not fit very well with the game. What I would suggest is maybe making something more cognitive but still "tron-like". That might fit better. Also, there should be some sound effects for the ball shooting and destroying.

Hope this helps.

Update: Here is some music I did for the #LowRezJam2016 - Fast Food Empire - https://skirmish.io/posts/230-fast-food-empire-theme

and SFX I did for an FPS https://twitter.com/AnsityGames/status/71711798459...

Hey! Happy to make the music for Fast Food Empire! Please let me know what file format you would need and I'll begin to work on it. :D

That's fine! Thank you for taking the time to listen to my work! Please feel to reach out to me whenever you are ready :)

Sweet! Looking forward to it!

Created a new topic Audio for Jammers
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If anyone needs any audio for this jam, please hit me up! I'm super excited for this!

Here are some examples of my music






I'm really fast at sound effects too and I recently figured out how to record 8-bit voice over audio. So, ask me for examples or custom voices :)

Hello Everyone,

Recently, I did the music and sound effects for a game titled "I Can't Escape Darkness on Steam" (Released in September 17th)

I would like to share with you the Behind-the-Scene Documentary of my creative process from the project along a deeper look into the custom sound effects based on the popular article on Gamasutra.

I am most grateful for you watching and if you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

Thank you!

Created a new topic Audio for Jammers

Hi, I went to the Global Game Jam site at USC yesterday and I didn't find a team who needed audio. If there is anyone on here who does not have an audio person on their team yet and needs someone, I would be happy to contribute. Thank you.

Replied to scotty42 in Myst Jam FAQs

Sure! I do! How long do you need it and what file type?

Thank You Sophie! These are some great solutions. I appreciate the help!

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If I'm a sound designer, how do I join a team?