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Ah shoot sorry didn't really look around

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Hi, I'm thinking about participating in this jam and I am wondering if there's any pixel artists that would want to team up with me. I'm not the best at it, pixel art so I would be doing the coding side of the development and you would be doing the art. I use construct 2 as the game engine so the game would be top down or a side scroller. (Also please show some work if you do decide to team up. one last thing please don't be young)

My game has been in the works for about a month now and now I want some testers to come try it out and I wanna see what you think.

A 2d zombie survival game. The hole point is to survive till the end. I plan on creating more maps for the final build of my game, redo some art, and add more content in general.  At the end of development when I publish the final build, the game will cost 3 or 4 dollars depending on how much content I add to the game. Follow my Twitterand join my discord for updates and game dev stuff also to submit any feedback you have on my game.

Thanks so much Sinci1

"I can guess that you didn't had enough to finish it" sadly yes I didn't have time. "do you have any plans to finish this game after the Jim jam." Yes but most likely it won't be anytime soon, like 2 or 3 months after I may revisit the game and finish the game.

"Nice concept!" thank you so much. "The fact that you can indefinitely jump mid air is intended?" Yes, I wanted the player to have some sort of fun not just a limit of 1 or 2 jumps

You should have asked your question with more detail if your not happy with the response

I think Tim made it so you cant pull the egg forever, you don't have to restart it

Dang a lot of polish you done here

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Its not a scam its a great engine they charge that much because (This is what I think) they don't get royalties off your game and they need to support there business somehow, how else would you think they would still be able to support their engine.

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In this video I work on the 2nd level of survivor . Please like and subscribe to my YT to see more Video Game Development videos. What did I use to make my game? (Let me know what u think and what I should add into my game)
Engine: Construct 2
Art: Inkscape
Twitch link: