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Ok, Good luck then, I hope to be playing it soon!

Honestly, beyond a few collision issues such as the fact that I can any angle below 90 degrees by running grouching and juping repeatedly, as well as the fact that the camera should be more automatic then manual. It's a really good game! I see no reason why you would want to start from scratch.

I would just like to note the way you setup the files on itch the project can't be downloaded from itch's local client.

Needs wsad key support

What happened to the planet as I kept building?

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also, according to this: there is a void, it it is a location, in that location is a locker room that contains a body of water and that body of water contains a blowfish and a boat, the blowfish is, repeat is, meat and head! However the boat has flipped over has capsized and boat whistle and has a propellor. while Inside it is a bikini babe, a fisherman, a pump, and a deck. This is nuts! PS Almost all of this was copied and pasted so every where connector word comes from it, example: the fish IS meat and HEAD, boat has flipped over has capsized and boat whistle and has a propellor.

A small graphical glitch, If you are running at a wall while your already touching it it causes a small graphical bug