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Thank you for playing! :D 

I hope you continue this outside the jam, it's great xD 

charming little game, not to mention extra credit for Ainsley Harriott xD 

Great job! :D  Do you plan on continuing after the jam?

Great game, I really enjoyed it I hope you continue it after the Jam! :D 

Nice little game, I did get a bit confused after handing over the presents though :D 

Charming game, got a bit stuttery on the level with the fan, but i enjoyed it! :)

Thanks so much! 

Thanks, I'll be sure to rate too! :D 

Thank you! :D 

Due to time restrictions couldn't do the full 48 hours but this is what I made in 24 hours, check it out if you could! Feedback is greatly appreciated!


Jordan here (itsjustjord) I've just released the game BLASTED BINMEN for #yogscastgamejam .

Let me know if you have any issues with the game so I can fix them before the final judging! 


If you want to get in contact with me on my socials;

Contact Email:

Look forward to seeing what you think! 

- Jordan

Great submission! I really love the tilesets they are very pretty sprites!  

This is a game jam game?! TAKE MY MONEY! Great submission! :D 

I should of added gravity... oof xD
Thank you for playing :)

I'm really enjoying the sprite animations and overall I think the game is a great submission! Best tower defense game I've played! aha :D Great Job! 

This is better than most games on steam! Good job! 

Thank you!

Nice little game, I really like the simplistic  style it fits the game really well! 

The art style alone is 5 stars. It's great I hope you plan on continuing this after the Jam!

I'm looking to rate any and all the game jam games, and ofcourse a rate on my game would be great! :)

I have 21 ratings if that's ok :D

Nice job! great entry I really enjoyed it! :) 

Wow, I'm actually blown away by the graphics very pretty. Also great controls! 

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Nice controls! It was also very fun for how short it was great job! :) ~

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Thanks for the feedback it's greatly appreciated the only thing i would mention is that I did this in around 2 days at best, I didn't have the full week. Also I'm very interested in which areas you didn't think "fit the vibe". It might be able to help me in the future! 

I got stuck at the lift aha! I really liked the sound and the art it looked really good! :)

Nice game, I really enjoyed the music and the 2d art, and the dialog was a great read! Overall a great submission for the jam! Good job! 

Nice little game, I really enjoyed the music in this it really fit the game, and I in my own opinion I actually like the movement in it. The only issue I had was I think a few wall colliders bugged and I managed to get myself out of the world! Great Jam Game! 

I really enjoyed the art and the music it has such a charm to it. Great job you should continue this in the future! :D 

Wow this was really fun, the game mechanics worked well and the art was the icing on the cake ;) Great job! 

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I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look :) Thank you :)

I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look :) Thank you :)

I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look :) Thank you :)

I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look :) Thank you :)

Nice little game, it is very charming! I really like the style, great job! :) 

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Wow it is beautiful, I really love the visuals in this and the music great job! 

Wow! Thank you it means alot to me! :)