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Yeah, we were in doubt if Bullet Despawn was really a mechanic but I we tought the interpretation of the theme was kinda free so we went through with this idea.

Simple, but with a lot of A E S T H E T I C. I liked it.

Very polished game in all aspect, and fun gameplay! But I noticed that the aiming of the jump mechanic is a bit off, which was a little frustrating.

Very nice game! The puzzle twist with the traditional snake gameplay is well developed, and the sound design is really good too!

Totally worth playing the hard mode and finding the secret, trust me.

We sure had some trouble with interpretating the theme, but the main idea is that shooting too much would make things trickier to complete the level. But in a possible (no promises here) post jam version we could rethink about the level design and different enemies.

Really fun game!

Cool and interesting concept, especially the attack and shield swap for more control of the ship. At the start is really chaotic with all those high speed bullets out of nowhere though.

What a coincidence, this was one of our ideas for the game jam! But our group decided to go with another idea.

I liked the game, and the idea was well introduced!

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The Windows and browser versions of the game are located in the game page and in the link:

Cool idea, and I liked the portal mechanic too.

Thanks! The original controls were mouse and keyboard but then we switched to keyboard only and couldn't figure how to switch the control scheme in time for submission.