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Ok :) jimmy was the ?????

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Because i was pretty lazy to do it

Ok :)

Sorry i was in a rushed

The game is fixed

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it don’t move you just have to shoot

I can’t fix the game at the moment because I am in a game jam.

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I knew but i forgot to fix that issue in the game

There will be a part 2


I did not know there were a software for that

I have a question about bitsy. will you in the future add a download version of bitsy

yea i was trying to make the game hard

Would you like to try out my new game but it in development.

Would you like to try out my new game but it in development.

@Ashleyad, would you like to try my new game i am making but it in development.

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@Fusiononic Would you like to try out my new game but it in development.

you play as nick who is lost and need find a way of this place and find a way exit the door in each level. the game name will be change in the future and maybe in the future there will be a mobile version of the game. this is in in development at the moment.

it was fun to play.

it was not offensive

i know basic HTML and little python. i do not how to code game so that why i used bitsy

i died a lot too but it a great game

i am okay with criticism

Do want to collab.

do you have the browser version of the game

it a cool game to play

here my game

thank you

okay :)

wow this game kind like doodle jump and here my game and if you like it well rate my game

i rate your game and here my game

the game was okay only control was not bad

I try the game out if you liked the game rate my game.

it a pretty cool game


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its a great concept

your welcome

i rated your game

it was fun