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Nice! Thank you for featuring my game man! Really appreciate it! 

Thank you for playing! I actually found interesting some of the feedback you give in the video and I'm taking it to account for the next project :) 

Thank you for playing! Stay tuned for the next one, I'm working on it! 

Thanks! Not gona lie, I enjoy when people get scared :P Glad you liked it! 

Gracias Bro! La verdad si hice énfasis en el audio y contrate a un amigo ing. De audio para grabar algunas cosas. Que bueno que lo notarás.

Thanks a lot for playing! Glad to hear you had a blast!

Thanks for featuring me in your video :) 

Thanks for featuring my game! 

Muchas gracias por jugar. Me gusto mucho tu vídeo, esta muy bien editado y me reí bastante haha

Thanks glad you enjoyed! 

Thank you for featuring my game! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing!! 

Thanks for playing I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing. I saw your video first on reddit lol, I leaved a comment in your video :) 

Amazing art, the music is so chill and I puzzles get challenging once you start moving big furniture using many characters. Great job!!!

Thank you! I'm glad the game was able to spook you! mission is complete! XD

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

I'm glad you liked it! We're children of the 90s I have that nostalgia too! :) 

Thank you for playing! ^^

Thanks for playing! :) 

Thank you for playing! Hope you can finish it later, you were close! :) 

Loool when Llorona scared you and you said "asshole" I felt like you were talking directly to me cuz I put her there to scare. That made me really happy, thanks for playing 

hahaha thank you for playing my game, I like your use of memes and style of editing! 

Thank you! I enjoyed your video, you're funny man, keep the good work.

Thanks for playing man! I hope you enjoyed it! 

Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoyed!!

I am super glad to hear that! Thank you for playing my game!

Thank you for playing! It means a lot that I got you with a scare. You're not an easy person to spook in my experience haha

Thanks for playing Steve, you have a great voice and I enjoyed your gameplay a lot! 

Danke, dass du mein Spiel gespielt hast! Ich wünschte, ich könnte Deutsch sprechen, ich habe Google Übersetzer verwendet. Ich hoffe ich habe dich erschreckt

Thank you!!!

Muchas gracias! No sabes como agradezco que lo hayas transmitido y que te haya gustado! Pasare a ver el vídeo a tu canal!  Un abrazo!

Thanks for playing! :D 

Sure! Can you reach me out on twitter or ig to help me test it? I don't have a 32 bit PC available atm. I can do the export and send it to you to see if everything works fine and if it does, then I'll  upload  the files here.  my ig  is: gamdevboi_ and  my twitter is @gamdevboi. I had some issues with a Mac and Linux versions and I don't want to upload something broken again. :) 

Thank you! Glad you liked it! :P 

Hello! Thank you for playing! :)

Thanks for playing!! I really appreciate you taking the time to read all I wrote about the game, the folklore and the small details I added.   

Indeed poor kids. And P.S. Thanks for playing bro glad you liked it! 

Thanks for the heads up, I'm aware there's some bugs with mac and linux. I'm removing them until fixed.

thanks a lot! I put special atention to the art style here, I consider myself a noobie emulating old ps1 aesthetic but I tried my best! I appreciate the fact you liked it! 

Thanks to you for playing my game! Glad you liked it! :D