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Game James

A member registered Jun 04, 2018

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I'd like to mention that new game plus in this game is probablly the best I've ever seen. It's glorious to say the least! New enemies? Enemies in spots I didn't expect? THIS is how you do new game plus! Great work, Kira! <3

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You know what, you have a good point! It probablly wasn't supposed to do that. In fact, this game still has a lot of bugs and issues. Well, Kira can polish it up more. But I'll probablly beat the game before any fixes anyway... although this game is much longer than expected. I think Kira lied to us on purpose, this game is longer than 3 hours. Not complaining, I just want this to go on for a bit longer! Such a good game! :)

There's also another problem, but it's a minor bug. Resetting the subway train power, after turning off all the breakers, I was curious and went down the track once I saw the subway train roll on by. Going in the direction it went. I fell through the floor where the tracks are, and there was an endless void down there. I was obviously not supposed to go down that tunnel... but I didn't know the subway train was supposed to reappear and I was meant to board it.

Kira, thank you so much... there was an invisible wall that was causing the soft lock. So this entire time I was doing it right. Darn it!! XD

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Darn it, I couldn't figure it out still. It's very confusing. Those two pictures next to the two pathways actually do sort of match what's going on in the note. But after a certain point I get confused. I ended up fighting the big creature and dying, getting soft locked at the game over screen. I was able to glitch it out and I hit it so many times. It can't die. So it's obvious you're not supposed to encounter that thing. You are probablly supposed to do something once you reach the creepy baby thing. But I tried all 3 options with it and I still got soft locked in the subway tunnel.

What i do is alt-tab out of the game and close it when it soft locks. This is a bit ridiculous. I'm not sure if this is intentional or a bug. It's possible that we are both just missing a vital hint in the note... but it doesn't really seem to go in any particular order. Maybe I'll try again and follow the note more closely.

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I'm having the same problem too. I have no idea why it's like this. Was there supposed to be a hint in the note before the looping path? Well, I tried everything and I end up trying to fight the giant worm creature, in the "ugly" path, only to die every time. Then get locked at the game over screen.